You're About To Feel Motivated AF, Thanks To The Upcoming New Moon

It's no wonder people have always been so fascinated by the moon. Just take a long look at its soft glow emanating across the night and you won't be able to deny the moon's mystical influence on us all. Its absence in the sky is equally as impressive, and a new moon can stir our hearts just as powerfully as a full moon can. With one coming up on April 15, you may be wondering if the Aries 2018 new moon will affect your mood. Although there's no scientific explanation for how the lunar cycle disturbs our emotions, feelings don't lie.

A new moon always brings about positive change. It wipes you clean of all your chaos and presents you with a fresh start. The seeds that you plant during the new moon sprout by the time of the full moon. Your energy tapers off during the waning moon phase until you're met with the new moon once again.

Since this new moon occurs in vivacious, speedy, and limitless Aries, you will feel like you can conquer anything. Your mood may shift into an intensely motivated state and it'll be the perfect time to go after your dreams, no matter how wild they are. The fact that Mercury retrograde ends on the very same day only reinforces how lucky you'll feel.


You will feel flushed with optimism and openness on this new moon. Aries takes on the world through the eyes of a child. Aries does not judge, it does not doubt itself, and most importantly, it doesn't hold back. If only we could cling onto the confidence and self-awareness we have when we were babies. During this new moon in Aries, you might just be able to.

The new moon is in conjunction with the sun while they're both in Aries, only emphasizing the intensity of its power. Your potential is vaster than you realize. The world contains more opportunity than you ever could have imagined. There are people out there who want the chance to help you. The new moon in Aries will remind you of just how wonderful life can be and you'll feel inspired to invite more of that wonder into your life.


A new moon in Aries is the energy kick your soul has been craving. Aries contains more raw, unfiltered power than any other sign in the zodiac. While other signs also contain limitless vitality, the vitality of an Aries is special. It's unrefined, messy, and it does not color within the lines. It will take you places you never thought you'd visit. It will have you embracing ideas you never once considered. Your dreams might expand into something far greater than you thought yourself capable of.

If you've been feeling lethargic and lazy lately, you'll take in this new moon in Aries with full force. Let it wake you from your dazed slumber and push you to try things that you're normally too scared to try.


Aries is one of the most competitive signs in all the zodiac. Since the new moon is all about new beginnings, you'll feel inspired to go out there and be a champion. Whether you want to win a contest or reach an important milestone in your life, the new moon in Aries provides the perfect terrain for such growth. You will feel unstoppable energy swarming through you and you won't give up until you accomplish what you set out to accomplish.

The sun in conjunction with Uranus, planet of change, is an aspect to this new moon that will perk you up and ready you to jump the gun and do something drastic. It pushes you to keep moving, to exert force on the world, to be brave and shout your name at the top of your lungs. If you have a dream in life that you've never been able to shake off, that means it wants you to manifest it. The new moon in Aries is the ideal time to begin that journey.