Westworld Season 2

Pretty Sure James Marsden Confirmed A Major 'Westworld' Theory

by Ani Bundel

Of all the high-risk, high-flying chances HBO shows have taken over the decades, nothing is quite as risky as Westworld Season 3. Big Little Lies created a sequel where none existed. Game of Thrones killed off leading men with an alarming frequency. But both shows stayed in their location lanes of Monetary and Westeros. Westworld, on the other hand, is going where no host has gone before: the real world. But what does leaving the park mean? Is this the end of those who stay behind? For instance, will Teddy be in Westworld Season 3? Actor James Marsden hints fans shouldn't worry.

Fans weren't sure if Teddy would be back even if the show did keep some of the action in the park. After spending all of Season 2 following his programming, Teddy made a bid for freedom in the show's penultimate episode. He was programmed to love and believe in Dolores as his one true north. But her programming had become merged with the vengeful Wyatt, and Teddy could no longer live with the atrocities she was asking him to commit. So he ended his operating system's functions by shooting himself in the head.

Teddy may have destroyed his host body, but the core "control unit," the marble inside his processors that makes him "Teddy," was undamaged. In a final act of kindness, Dolores uploaded Teddy's consciousness to the secure server where humans couldn't reach him, known to the hosts as "The Sublime." It was akin to Teddy's deity allowing him entry to heaven for his kind heart and good deeds.


Quite a few characters made it to the Sublime at the end of last season, including Akecheta and Maeve's daughter. (Maeve sacrificed her chance to join them to ensure they made it in.) But it was an open question if these characters "crossing over," as it were, meant the end of their stories. Viewers knew Maeve's story wasn't over, since she's still under the control of the Delos programmers. She and other hosts in the park all have roles to play going forward. And obviously, those who have escaped will have significant plot arcs. But those in the Sublime might also come back in Season 3.

Actor James Marsden, who plays Teddy, hinted any character who survives in any capacity should be considered ripe for return. Speaking to ComicBook.com during the Sonic The Hedgehog press tour, he said:

I mean, I'm not allowed to say anything. But I would say that just based on your hypothesis, if he's died 4,000 times, then I would say that the odds are probably strong. Yeah. And you know, But it's a question I can't answer. And I think time will tell.

Perhaps the Sublime will not turn out to be so heavenly after all. Westworld Season 3 arrives on HBO on March 15, 2020.