Kylie Jenner Just Got Real About The Possibility Of Stormi Being On 'KUWTK'

by Hollee Actman Becker
Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Stormi Webster is the gift that keeps on giving. Ever since Kylie Jenner gave birth to the adorable little girl back in February 2018, her angelic face has pretty much been a fixture on the makeup mogul's social media accounts. Fans just can't seem to get enough. So, I figured it was only a matter of time before Jenner's mini-me made her big debut on Keeping Up With The Kardashians. After all, Jenner herself was only nine when she appeared on the first season of the reality show. And one could guess that, had the show existed when she was younger, she'd have been on it then, too. So will Stormi be on KUWTK? Take a seat, dolls, because you're probably not gonna like the answer.

In a new interview with Interview magazine, Jenner said that having Stormi appear on the show isn't actually a sure thing.

"Do you think you’ll ever subject your kid to reality TV?" the interviewer asked Jenner, and we see what you did there with your passive-aggressive use of the word "subject," sis.

Anyway, Jenner's response was basically the record scratch to end all record scratches.

Are you ready? Here it is:

I am going to wait until she is old enough to make that decision for herself.

The boss has spoken, you guys.

So how old is "old enough" to make this type of decision, anyway — 8? 10? 12? Either way, it looks like we're not getting any Stormi on KUWTK any time soon, and I am really not OK with this development.

I mean, look how cute she is in this little pink snowsuit:

A decade is a long time to wait to see this little munchkin on the screen. I mean, will we even still care about the Kardashians 10 years from now? (Who am I kidding? Yes.) Still, Kim and Kourtney's kids have already been on the show. I bet Khloé will let baby True film, too. Poor Stormi is gonna feel so left out. And does this mean she won't get to go with her fam on all those epic season finale vacays?

I think you may need to rethink this plan, Ky!

On the other hand, I get why Jenner would want to let Stormi make up her own mind about being on TV and, by extension, opening her life up to public scrutiny. Jenner probably didn't have that option when Mama Kris signed the whole fam up to have their lives filmed back in 2007, and she might have chosen a different path had she been given a choice.

But she wasn't, and that's all she knows.

"I can’t remember the day when I didn’t have millions of people telling me their opinion on everything that I do, so I have no idea what it would be like for that not to happen," she told Interview. "It does get to me sometimes but I feel like God put me in this position because he knew that I could handle it."

Honestly, even though it's a bummer, I gotta give it up to Jenner for making the decision to keep Stormi off reality TV until she's old enough to decide whether she wants to go down that road for herself.

And until that day comes, at least we'll always have Insta.