Starbucks' Black & White Mocha With Chocolate "Sequins" Is The New Year's Sip You Need


Just in time for New Year's Eve celebrations, Starbucks is releasing its festive Black and White Mocha Collection again. If you're looking for a drink to Instagram as you usher in the New Year, this is it. The Black and White Collection features three different versions of drinks including a hot cocoa, mocha, and a Frappuccino — and each drink even comes with edible chocolate sequins. I know coffee isn't an ideal drink of choice for most on New Year's Eve. If you agree with me, you might be wondering, "Will Starbucks' Black and White Mocha Collection be available in 2019?" Here's what we know about the availability.

The Black and White Collection is currently available at Starbucks. The lineup launched on Wednesday, Dec. 26 and will be sticking around through the New Year while supplies last. Elite Daily reached out to Starbucks to find out exactly how long the Black and White Collection will be here for but did not receive an answer at the time of publication. Thankfully, you at least have the next week(ish) to swing by any participating Starbucks location and order one of the three beverages from the Black and White Collection.

“The New Year is a time to celebrate,” Erin Marinan from Starbucks beverage development team said in a press release. “The Black and White Mocha collection is a festive way to ring in 2018, with a stripe of sparkly chocolate sequins to resemble a black tie.”


Here's what is included in Starbucks' Black and White Collection:

  • Black and White Mocha
  • Black and White Frappuccino
  • Black and White Hot Cocoa

The Black and White Mocha is made with Starbucks' signature espresso and is blended with a velvety swirl of white chocolate and dark mocha, according to Starbucks. This creates a deep, rich, chocolatey taste that's all balanced out with steamed milk. Of course, no mocha is complete without a pile of whipped cream and a strip of chocolate "sequins." This strip is intended to mimic a tie. You know, for your fancy Black and White Tie NYE-themed parties. The best part? You can order this drink on ice, too.

Second up in the collection is the Black and White Frappuccino. The icy blended beverage features the flavors of dark and white chocolate mocha sauce. Both flavors are mixed together with Frappuccino roast coffee, ice, and milk for a celebratory sip. Just like the Black and White Mocha, this one is also topped with whipped cream and a strip of chocolate sequins, according to Starbucks.


Finally, if you just want to stay warm when you celebrate the New Year, I recommend trying the Black and White Hot Cocoa. Like it's counterparts, the hot cocoa is made with dark and white chocolate mocha sauce. It's then combined with steamed milk for a warm and toasty finish. Keeping up with the New Year's theme, your barista will add a little white and a chocolate sequins strip to complete your drink.

Champagne is commonly associated with New Year's Eve celebrations. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't going to have a glass. You will probably catch me at Starbucks, trying out one of these fancy Black and White Collection beverages and taking a pic for the 'Gram. But mostly, I'm going to need all the caffeine I can get if I want to make it until midnight. Just make sure you stop by Starbucks to get any of these drinks from the Black and White Collection before they are gone for good.