Serena Pitt in The Bachelor.

Here Are The Odds Serena P. Will End Up On 'Bachelor In Paradise'

ABC/Craig Sjodin

As dedicated Bachelor fans know, a fan-favorite's elimination doesn't necessarily mean they're done with the franchise forever. Even if they're not cast as the next lead, there's a chance they'll go on Bachelor in Paradise for a summery second chance at love. One particular contestant from Matt James' season stole viewers' hearts, but the question remains: Will Serena Pitt go on Bachelor in Paradise? She def seems open to the possibility.

ICYMI: The 22-year-old Canadian publicist was a major frontrunner on Matt's season, receiving not one, but two 1-on-1 dates. However, she ultimately concluded he wasn't the one for her after their hometown date, telling him, "I think it just comes down to the fact that I don't think you're my person." While Serena P. chose to self-eliminate from The Bachelor, that doesn't mean she wouldn't consider going on a Bachelor Nation show again. Whether she'd return as Bachelorette or a Bachelor in Paradise cast member remains to be seen, though.

When Bachelor Nation's Rachel Lindsay asked Serena P. if she'd consider being the next Bachelorette during a March 2 Extra interview, she replied: "I would definitely consider it. My focus has definitely been on this season right now, and just trying to get through all of this. I can see how it works, though."

She added that going on The Bachelor made her reevaluate how effective the process of finding love on the franchise is in general. "Coming into this show, I was definitely a skeptic. I was very excited to see Matt. But let's see how this goes, let's see if this can actually work," Serena P. explained. "I left without Matt, [but] I believe in this process. If they were to offer [a role], it would definitely be something I would consider."

In a March 2 interview with ET Canada, she said she would also be open to a role on Bachelor in Paradise. "Just because it didn't work for me this time doesn't mean that process can't work in the future," she said. Although Serena P. has all the charm and decisiveness that makes for a good Bachelor star, there's one person whose presence might make her reconsider going for Bachelor Nation round two: Chris Harrison.

"I would struggle [with Chris as host], because the amount of work that needs to be done here," she told ET, referencing the controversy surrounding the longtime host's indefinite exit from the franchise. "I would need to see the changes that have been happening in his life, and the actions that he has taken and will be continuing to take moving forward, to feel comfortable [appearing on the franchise again]."

While nothing about the Serena P.'s Bachelor Nation future is set in stone, there's a chance fans could be catching up with her on a Bachelor in Paradise beach soon.

Season 25 of The Bachelor concludes on Monday, March 15, at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.