There's A Big Reason 'Game Of Thrones' Fans Think Sansa Will Be The One To Kill Cersei

by Ani Bundel

Game of Thrones Season 8 has done something rather remarkable. It took what most fans assumed was the Endgame fight and made it the Infinity War of the series. The Night King has been defeated, and now everyone can get back to their favorite game show, Who Wants To Sit On The Iron Throne? Next week's trailer shows Daenerys turning her attention to Cersei, but will she be the one to take the Mad Queen down? Or will it be someone else? Will Sansa kill Cersei on Game Of Thrones?

The fact is, most viewers assume Cersei is going to die at the hands of one of her brothers, due to the Valonqar prophecy. But prophecies don't work that way, as the Night King's death at Arya's hands reminded everyone. The answer is never as straightforward as one would think.

The next most likely candidate to take down Cersei has usually been Arya, due to her long-standing residency on The List™. But Arya just killed the Night King. Not that she doesn't deserve to have the most robust of CVs when it comes to who she's taken down, but letting Arya kill everyone is a bit much, and Cersei is a significant step down from the Night King.

So who is left on the board who could take out Cersei? While some might think the answer is Brienne, or Davos, or even Jon Snow, there's a far more practical one: Sansa Stark. Unlike everyone else on that list, Sansa knows Cersei. She knows Cersei down to the bone. Myrcella may have been her mother's flesh and blood, but Sansa is Cersei's daughter in a way Myrcella never could be. She's sat at Cersei's feet and studied how to be a ruthless leader, and yet also learned from all of Cersei's mistakes.

Sansa has also studied at the feet of another as well: the Tyrell women. That line she pulled when Jon and Daenerys arrived asking exactly how she was supposed to feed this army (and two full-grown dragons) through the winter was pure Olenna, couching the question fully in the realm of women's concerns while making men look like fools who didn't think anything through. Cersei would never have been so cunning.


Cersei thought herself cleverer than Olenna. But if there was anyone more primed to take down Cersei, it was Margaery's grandmother, who managed to take down the rest of the Lannister household with one necklace jewel in the right cup. If the show were to hand that baton to Sansa and have her slip the right weapon at the right time into the right spot, taking down Cersei once and for all, it would be justice served.

It might not be as dramatic as giving the kill the Arya. But letting Sansa step up and become the next Olenna, quietly playing the entire castle while she eats cheese in the garden, would be the ultimate victory for her character, and a damn fine place to leave Sansa when the series ends.