'GLOW' fans and the cast want Netflix to make a movie to wrap up the series.

So, Are We Gonna Get A 'GLOW' Movie To Finish The Series?


GLOW fans were hit with a nasty sucker punch when Netflix surprisingly canceled the show, but the cast isn't giving up hope on getting the series the ending it deserves. The '80s wrestling hit was initially picked up for a fourth and final season shortly after Season 3 aired in 2019, but Netflix reversed the renewal decision on Monday, Oct. 5, citing production complications due to the coronavirus pandemic. Hope isn't lost, though, because there is a slight possibility Netflix will make a GLOW movie, if the cast's argument for closing out the show with one last hoorah is persuasive enough.

Marc Maron, who starred in GLOW as the embattled Sam Sylvia, took to Instagram Live shortly after Netflix announced the cancelation to share his idea for turning the canceled season into a movie.

"OK, so you don't want to do the show anymore, but let us make a movie. Let us wrap it up in a two-hour Netflix movie," Maron suggested. "I mean, they had the whole show laid out; we know where it's going to go. Give the showrunners and the writers and the cast the opportunity to finish the story in a movie, right? I think that would be the best thing. Then it’s all fine."

Maron went on to argue a movie would lessen the financial issues and time constraints that apparently led to Netflix nixing the show's final season. "That would take the financial pressure off and the writers could put together a movie and play it out, and then we could shoot it out. The thing about shooting a movie is when you have that whole movie script you can be economical in your shooting ... I think they could do it in less time than it would take to shoot the show."

Several GLOW stars shared Maron's idea and echoed his suggestion for a movie on Twitter, including Britney Young, Britt Baron, Kate Nash, Rebekka Johnson, Kimmy Gatewood, and Shakira Barrera.

GLOW is the second series Netflix has reversed a renewal decision on amid the coronavirus pandemic, a previously unprecedented move. Back in August, Netflix canceled its teen drama series The Society after initially picking up the show for its second season in 2019.

There's no telling whether Netflix will go ahead with Maron's pitch, so fans will just have to keep holding out hope that GLOW will get the ending it deserves in some way.