Here's Everything We Know About How Mercury Retrograde Will Affect The Holidays

by Valerie Mesa

Mercury Retrograde is upon us, stargazers. You read right. The mischievous messenger planet is at it again, except this time, it's traveling through the most spontaneous fire sign in the zodiac. Now, I know the majority of you are already wondering, will Mercury retrograde November 2018 affect the holidays? Hate to break it to you, but absolutely, and for so many reasons. However, before we get into the dreaded effects of Mercury retrograde, let's talk a little bit about the upcoming astro weather, and how this together with this highly anticipated retrograde cycle, could play out during the holiday season.

Firstly, the collective is in the midst of experiencing some really powerful shifts. For instance, on Nov. 6, the true node, which represents our karmic path, switched signs and entered sensitive Cancer. That in itself, changes the entire vibe, as Cancer is a sign of nurture, family, and soul foundation. We, the collective, are now focusing on our self-nurture, security, and emotional well being. There's more. On Nov. 8, Jupiter ends its 13-month journey in powerful Scorpio, and joins Mercury in its sign of rulership, aka Sagittarius. Now, this is exactly where this retrograde cycle can start to get tricky, but hold that thought.

Mercury Retrograde In Sagittarius: Nov. 16 - Dec. 6, 2018

Alright, so here's the deal. Mercury governs everything related to our communication style, thought process, and general exchanges. It also rules all things that pertain to technology, transportation, and above all, the details in our day-to-day lives. Also, put it this way: Sagittarius is an adventurous, world traveler, and lover of the unknown. The sign of the archer rules everything related to higher learning, travel, and the "bigger picture." What happens when we combine both of these energies?

Mercury in Sagittarius wants to learn, explore, and discover as much as possible. This Mercury transit can spark the desire for last-minute adventures, and spontaneous journeys, both physically and spiritually. However, when retrograde, things can suddenly go from exciting and doable, to not so much. For those who have experienced the effects of Mercury Retrograde first hand, you know what time it is. Everything from cellphone glitches, to miscommunications, and of course, technology issues, is very possible during this time.

In addition to that, Mercury in Sagittarius suffers from major FOMO, and wanderlust, so if you decide to take off somewhere last minute, don't be surprised if you suddenly run into an issue or two along the way. Travel and technology will be a theme during this retrograde. Mark my words. Also, and this is important, Jupiter will already be in Sagittarius, and whatever this planet touches, expands. Meaning, this Mercury Retrograde feature Jupiter's magnifying influence, if you now what I mean. Mercury retrograde 2.0? Possibly.

How Will Mercury Retrograde Affect The Holidays?

Flying home for Thanksgiving? Please make sure to double and triple check your travel itinerary. Also, for the love of the cosmos, please do not show up late to the airport. It's Mercury retrograde, along side almighty JUPITER, we're talking about here. Remember, Mercury rules transportation, and Sagittarius represents all things related to travel. If you're procrastinating or careless, you won't get away with it this time. Plus, who knows, maybe that's exactly what it's trying to teach us. You know the cosmos always have a plan.

Black Friday online shopping? I hate to be this person, but beware of technology FAILs, especially when you click the purchase button. Mind you, I am no one to tell you how to manage your holiday shopping, but I thought I'd let you know anyhow. Lots of holiday party invites? Make sure you double check your calendar before you sell out on your annual Friendsgiving! The reality is, Mercury in Sagittarius is an optimist. Anything and everything is possible, right? NOT. Too much of anything is never a good thing, and well, happy-go-lucky Jupiter won't be much help during this retrograde cycle.

With that said, take it easy on the social calendar, triple check your flight itinerary, and try not to overindulge on the online shopping. It's all a bit too risky, if you ask me. Now, keep in mind, this is nothing to worry, or think negatively about. Retrograde periods are important, and everything happens for a reason. However, now that you already know the worst case scenarios, it might be easier for you to avoid it entirely. Good luck, stargazers! Happy holidays.