Meghan & Harry Aren't Spending Valentine's Day Together For A Pretty Legit Reason

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Valentine's Day is right around the corner, which obviously just has me wondering... will Meghan Markle and Prince Harry spend Valentine's Day 2019 together? For most couples, spending Valentine's Day together is a given. Even if you're not big on Valentine's Day and aren't doing the whole gift exchange or fancy dinner thing, you at the very least are staying in to cook dinner at home, watch some Netflix and have some V-Day sex!

But, obviously, Meghan and Harry aren't most couples. They're members of the freaking British royal family. So spending time like a normal couple is pretty much out of the question any day of the year. Even on Valentine's Day.

This year, their first year as a married couple, the two will be spending Valentine's Day apart as Harry has to leave town for some royal duties. According to a recent update from Kensington Palace, Harry will be leaving town on none other than Feb. 14, 2019 for his annual trip to Exercise Clockwork in Norway.

In full, their announcement stated:

The Duke of Sussex, Captain General @RoyalMarines, will visit Exercise Clockwork to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the operation in Bardufoss, Norway on Thursday 14th February.

According to Cosmopolitan, his visit is "an annual winter training exercise that takes place 200 miles inside the Arctic Circle." The publication reports that during his time there, he will be meeting military personnel, checking out the outdoor weather equipment and mingling with everyone.

The post makes it clear that the visit is one of his duties as Captain General of the Royal Marines. And, I mean, I'm a Sex and Dating Writer who primarily works from home so I'm not super familiar with what it's like to have "royal duties," but I feel like it would be very uncool to bail on them. Even if it was Valentine's Day.

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I mean, yes. It sucks. Spending Valentine's Day apart from your sweetheart definitely isn't ideal. But at least we know that Harry's reasoning for leaving his wife behind on the day of love is totally legit.

Luckily, it is the year 2019, which means that being across the globe from one another doesn't necessarily mean that you won't be seeing each other. The two lovebirds can still FaceTime and, while I'm sure texting during the training exercise is frowned upon, I'm sure Harry can sneak away for a second or two to send her a quick "miss u xx" (FYI: I did the "xx" because that's how British people text and I'm really trying to get into character).

And Harry isn't the only royal having to leave his spouse alone on special occasions! Just three short weeks ago, William had to leave Kate by herself on her 37th birthday (Jan. 9, 2019).

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Much like his brother, William had royal duties that trumped spending the day his wife. More specifically, he had to celebrate the 30th anniversary of London's Air Ambulance at a tea party held at the Royal London Hospital in Whitechapel.

I mean, while it definitely would not be easy, I have to imagine that spending lots of time apart from your spouse is just part of the gig for the duchesses. And, TBH, they've got lots of events they have to attend as well! It's a busy, glamorous life for all parties involved.