Here Are The Chances Maroon 5 Will Drop A New Album In 2019

Handout/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Maroon 5 is on everyone’s minds right with the Super Bowl coming up! And lots of people want to know if their halftime show could mean that new music is on the horizon. So, will Maroon 5 drop an album in 2019? Well, nothing’s been officially announced, but it does seem like the band is gearing up for something. What that might be is unclear at this point. All I can say is that they’ve been dropping hints that they’ve got something up their sleeves.

First, let’s dig into a little background info on the band’s last album: Red Pill Blues was released in November 2017 to mixed reviews, but ultimately peaked at No. 2 on the US Billboard 200. The album’s singles included "What Lovers Do," "Wait," and "Girls Like You." That last song was re-recorded with an added verse from Cardi B, which helped breathe new life into the track as well as the album.

All that said, the album alone (even without Cardi B) was successful enough for the guys to go on tour. They’re actually slated to head to Asia and Australia in the weeks following their Super Bowl halftime show. So, what does that mean for new music? It probably means that the guys won’t be recording anything new after the Super Bowl since they’ll be on the road. And it’s doubtful that they’ve had much time to lay down new tracks since Dec. 31, when they played their final show on the North American leg of their tour.

Anything’s possible, though, and the guys have been giving hints that something interesting is coming your way soon. Take this tweet for example, in which the band teases a new “storytelling” project with Yarn, a chat fiction app that lets you read interactive fiction on your phone.

Will Maroon 5’s chat fiction stories take the place of new music in 2019? Possibly. At the very least, fans will be getting some type of new content this year, even if it’s not new music! And, of course, there’s the Super Bowl halftime show to look forward to. Speaking of that, here’s a look at Maroon 5’s Super Bowl halftime teaser:

Looks exciting, right? And all the guys look like they’re super busy at the moment. They’re probably totally consumed by Super Bowl rehearsals and all the press surrounding it. Despite all the excitement surrounding the show, it hasn’t been without controversy. Some fans have called for Maroon 5 to drop out of the performance to support Colin Kaepernick and his #TakeAKnee movement. But the band’s keyboardist, PJ Morton, defended the band’s decision to move forward with the performance.

“I think there are plenty of people – a lot of the players, to be honest – who support Kap and also do their job for the NFL,” Morton told People in a Jan. 18 interview. “I think we’re doing the same thing. We can support being against police brutality against black and brown people and be in support of being able to peacefully protest and still do our jobs. We just want to have a good time and entertain people while understanding the important issues that are at hand. There was a lot to go into that decision.”

Hopefully, all will go well during the performance and the guys can have a good time as planned!