Kevin Hit Rock Bottom On The Mid-Season Finale Of 'This Is Us,' So What's Next?

by Dylan Kickham

At this point, it feels like This Is Us has just become the "How can we make Kevin's life any worse" show. After weeks and weeks of watching the oldest Pearson sibling slip further into his pill and alcohol addiction, he hit a disastrous new low in the show's fall finale. But, his rock bottom may actually come with a silver lining. So is Kevin getting locked up in jail on This Is Us? And what would that mean for him in the future? Let's get into it. Spoiler alert: Do not read on until you have seen This Is Us Season 2 Episode 10 "Number Three."

Kevin has been mostly M.I.A. for the last two episodes of This Is Us after his cataclysmic standalone episode, which ended in him nearly coming clean to Randall about his recent struggles with addiction. But at the very end of the fall finale, Kevin comes crashing back into the show to stir up even more sh*t.

The last few minutes of the new episode kick off with the scene we saw the beginning of back in Kevin's episode, in which he is stopped in his tracks before coming clean to Randall about his addictions when his younger brother informs him of Kate's miscarriage. Adding even more tragedy to Kevin's plate definitely proves to be the exact wrong thing to do, as he rushes for a bottle of vodka in Randall's kitchen. As Randall goes off to call Kate, Kevin decides to run from the emotional situation and jumps in his car, but little does he know that he has a stowaway.

Randall's daughter Tess has hidden in the back seat of Kevin's car, explaining that she hates her home life and wanted to spend more time with her uncle Kevin. OK, great, whatever... except everything falls apart when we see the police sirens start going off right behind Kevin's car. Yep, you guessed it — Kevin is arrested for driving drunk, and Tess is taken to the police station as well. Obviously, this is a massive blow-up between Kevin and Randall and Beth just waiting to happen, but it might actually be a good thing. Hear me out!

Kevin has been trying to work up the nerve to come clean about his pill and alcohol addiction to his family for weeks now, but has never been able to do it. Instead, his increasing isolation has only fueled his addictions to become even more intense and disastrous to his life. But now that he's been arrested, his alcoholism is finally going to come to light, and he will have his family there to help him deal with it, hopefully. I mean, obviously Randall and Beth are going to kill him first, but after that, let the healing begin, right? After all, both Randall and Kate have experience dealing with a recovering alcoholic that they love, and that time watching jack go through the steps to recovery will surely come in handy in helping Kevin as well.

So basically, this drunk driving incident could actually be a pretty exciting turning point for Kevin. Thankfully, nobody was hurt and Tess is totally fine, it sounds like, so it turned out to be a scary but harmless way of Kevin finally telling his family about his addictions. And the best news of all for This Is Us viewers is that this could finally mean the end to watching Kevin's scene through our fingers, cringing at each new rock bottom that he hits. Let's hope the dark days of Kevin's addiction are going to be in the past when the show returns from its winter break.