'This Is Us' Season 2 Episode 9 Promo Proves It's Going To Be The Most Heartbreaking Episode Yet

by Ani Bundel

Another episode of This Is Us has ended, and it's time to move from Kevin to Kate. Season 2 Episode 8 buttons with a next-time trailer, which is the second part of three week's worth of episodes each of which focuses on just one of the three Pearson siblings. This week's was called "Number One," so of course, next week's episode follows the pattern and will be called "Number Two." And as promised, the This Is Us Season 2 Episode 9 promo and synopsis indicate this is going to be "All About Kate."

This is a real risk for This is Us to take, by the way, especially to lead off with Kevin, who is possibly the least favorite characters for fans. (Don't kill me Kevin stans, but you know Randall's *way* more popular.) For some in fact (OK, by some I mean me), I think of it as being three shows in one: "his Was Us,"This Is Randall and This Is Kevin & Kate: Just Wait A Minute, Then We'll Get Back To The Good Stuff.

This first episode though, they did manage to pull off, despite the lack of Kate and Randall. Let's hope they will do the same with this second episode.

Here's the synopsis:

Kate and Toby's lives take an unexpected turn. Meanwhile, Rebecca encourages Kate's singing aspirations.

And here's the trailer:

The moment the phone kept ringing and Kevin wasn't answering it, I knew what was coming. Coupled with that synopsis, plus the fact that Kate was telling people before the 12-week mark, plus the fact that she's 37, and the simple fact that sometimes babies just spontaneously miscarry, it wasn't a huge shock that she lost the baby.

So here's the $64,000 question: Are she and Toby still getting married?

No, seriously look at that freak out he's having in the car. Look at it. Is that a man who just lost his first chance at a kid? OK, maybe it could be. Toby is Mr. In Touch With His Feelings, he could very well just be melting down over it. But I think there's something more at play. I think Kate might use this moment to question everything.

There's also the second half of that synopsis we need to discuss. "Rebecca encourages Kate's singing aspirations." I thought this might be related to Kate's teenage years, a parallel to what was happening with Kate while Kevin was getting his leg broken on a football field.

But I've also seen the promotional images for next week, and it looks like Rebecca might be telling Adult Kate to cancel her grief and pain into her singing career and her performances.


Now, it still might be a parallel. I am convinced that all three of these episodes will fill in the days just before Jack passed away, from each teenager's POV. Tonight was Kevin's experience, and we see him getting the necklace from 'Nam. Next week we'll see Kate and more of the poor puppy with the bladder issues. Will that parallel her singing career taking off here in the present?

And will we also see more of why Kate thinks she's the one to blame for their father dying? Because that's still her early trauma, and could fit the theme well. After all, her feeling like she failed Toby would totally work as a parallel of feeling like she failed her father and let him die, like this baby that she was busy building from scratch inside her own body.

Either way, I hope Rebecca is more successful at this attempt to push Kate to have the career she was denied that in previous ones. Maybe Kate will finally be ready to be pushed.