'Riverdale's Season 5 Episode 8 synopsis seems to tease Kevin and Fangs getting married.

Fans Are Convinced These 2 'Riverdale' Characters Will Get Married This Season

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It sounds like wedding bells may briefly replace all the terrified screaming in Riverdale... if only for a few shining moments. After five seasons, Riverdale fans think the show's first big wedding is finally on the horizon, and an upcoming episode's synopsis seems to tease it may come sooner rather than later. If you're wondering whether Kevin and Fangs will get married in Riverdale Season 5, you're definitely not alone.

The massive seven-year time jump at the start of Season 5 messed up nearly all of the main romantic relationships on Riverdale, leaving Kevin and Fangs as the only couple who stayed together after high school graduation. Upon returning to Riverdale after serving in the Army, Archie learned Kevin and Fangs grew even closer at college and then moved back to town after graduating so Kevin could become Riverdale High's drama teacher. Fangs reconnected with his fellow Southside Serpents Toni and Sweet Pea upon his return, starting up a gig as a trucker.

The new season hasn't really focused much on Kevin and Fangs' relationship post-time jump yet, but The CW's recently released synopsis for the upcoming Episode 8 (expected to air March 17) teases a Kangs storyline that will be central to the story:

THE QUEEN OF CHAOS STRIKES AGAIN — A big announcement forces everyone to take stock of their current lives. Cheryl sets a risky plan in motion after learning some surprising news about Toni. Jughead tries to make sense of a strange encounter he had. Kevin and Fangs make a big decision about their future together.

That synopsis seems to confirm a major suspicion about this season. Ever since Toni refused to reveal the father of her baby at the start of the time jump episodes, the predominant fan theory has been that she's a surrogate for Kevin and Fangs. The "surprising news about Toni" that Cheryl will learn in Episode 8 could very well be this fact.

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That would easily lead into Kevin and Fangs' "big decision about their future together." It certainly sounds like a proposal is coming, especially if the longtime boyfriends announce they're having a baby with Toni's help. Casey Cott helped spur rumors about a potential wedding when he called Drew Ray Tanner his "show husband" in his birthday post for his costar in early February. That could easily just be a fun, meaningless term, but some fans are convinced it means Kangs is about to tie the knot.

Kevin and Fangs previously sparked marriage speculation back in Season 3, when the two seemed to participate in a ritualistic wedding officiated by The Farm. I guess weddings conducted within a hypnotic, organ-harvesting cult don't really have much legal binding, though. Here's hoping Kevin and Fangs have a nicer wedding without any cults this time around.

Riverdale continues with Season 5, Episode 7 on Wednesday, March 10, on The CW.