Toni Topaz won't reveal who the father of her baby is, spurring fan theories.

Toni Won't Reveal The Father Of Her Baby On 'Riverdale,' So Here Are Some Theories

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For the first time in what feels like forever, Riverdale has a big mystery that isn't about some killer. Spoiler alert: This post contains spoilers for Riverdale Season 5, Episode 4, "Purgatorio." The long-awaited time jump explained what everyone had been up to in the unseen seven years since high school graduation, but Toni is still keeping one big detail a secret. After she declined to get into specifics about her pregnancy, every fan is wondering the same thing: Who is the father of Toni's baby on Riverdale? There are a few options that seem most likely, with one being the most likely.

Ever since Vanessa Morgan revealed she was pregnant back in the summer of 2020, Riverdale fans have been curious about whether that detail would figure into Toni's post-time jump story. At the end of 2020, Morgan confirmed Toni would indeed be pregnant on the show, but didn't go into any further details. Unfortunately, the first episode following the time jump didn't prove to be any more illuminating. When Archie asked Toni directly who the father of her baby was, she replied that she wanted to keep his identity a secret. So who could it be? There are a few likely candidates:

1. Kevin & Fangs

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There are a ton of details that point to Toni being a surrogate for Kevin and Fangs. Mainly, Toni revealed that she is living with the couple. Kevin and Fangs are the only Riverdale couple to survive the time jump, meaning they've been going strong for almost a decade now, so planning to have a kid isn't that far-fetched. Since Toni's main romantic connection has only been with Cheryl (as far as fans know), it would make sense for the show to make her pregnancy a favor to Kevin and Fangs rather than a dramatic or relationship-based plot point.

2. Sweet Pea

The only other character Toni has a strong connection with aside from Cheryl has always been Sweet Pea. The two Southside Serpents were shown to be incredibly close since they were first introduced, and although their relationship has never really been a main focus, it's clear they have a close bond. Plus, Sweet Pea is really the only other major character fans know has been in Riverdale with Toni these past seven years, so if she's not carrying the baby for Kevin and Fangs, then the next best guess is that she turned to Sweet Pea for a romantic connection after being spurned by Cheryl.

3. Someone Who Hasn't Yet Been Introduced

Honestly, if Toni isn't Kevin and Fangs' surrogate and she didn't hook up with Sweet Pea, then there really are not any realistic suspects left. There's a chance Riverdale could bring in a totally new character when Toni reveals who the father of her baby is, or maybe she'll just tell the story of a college hookup and that'll be that. Heck, the show might even decide never to introduce the father.

Hopefully, Toni will reveal the truth soon enough. Be sure to tune in to Riverdale Wednesday nights at 8 p.m. on The CW to try and find out Toni's secret.