Here Are The Chances Jaime Will Die In The Next Episode Of 'Game Of Thrones'

by Ani Bundel

Game of Thrones Season 8 spent the first episode bring characters back together, with no less than 12 reunions between characters who haven't seen each other in years. But not all the meetings were happy ones. Jorah and Sam saw each other again, only to learn Daenerys killed Sam's father and brother. Sam then ran into Jon and told him the truth about his parents. And then Jaime rode in and saw Bran for the first time since he pushed the kid out the window in the pilot. Will Jaime die in Game Of Thrones Season 8 episode 2? He's definitely not going to be a popular guy once the Starks realize he's here.

However, while the first reaction for fans was how the Starks will react to the man who nearly killed their brother, that might not be Jaime's real problem. After all, Bran referred to Jaime as "an old friend" when speaking Sam earlier in the episode.

No, Jaime's problems are first with Tyrion, who will have to face that Sansa was one hundred percent right about him being a fool to trust Cersei when Jaime announces the Lannister calvary's not coming. However, it's Jaime's second problem that has fans worried, because it is with Daenerys, to whom he is the man who killed her father.

One of the significant things Game of Thrones' premiere established this week is Daenerys' issues as a queen. While Jon, blinded by love, sees her ambition and her cold refusal to bend as a sign of a ruler, both Tyrion and Varys have expressed concerns about it over the last two seasons. This came to a head after she burned the Tarly family where they stood for their refusal to bend the knee.

This week, Sam's response to learning his family was killed brings all that back to the fore. Daenerys does not bend. She killed Sam's family, more importantly, his brother, a good person, loyal to a fault. As Sam points out to Jon, when given the same opportunity with the Wildlings, Jon spared them. When asked to give up his crown for the good of his people, Jon does. Daenerys does not spare people, and if she were asked to bend the knee, for the good of her people, she most assuredly would not.


This is the opportunity for Jon to see if Daenerys can bend. Her words in the trailer sound like a death sentence. After decades of dreaming what she would do to "the Kingslayer," she could burn him alive. It would solve her problems with the Northern people, who hate the Lannisters and would bend at the sight of her power. It could also win the Starks, who could see it as justice for what happened to Bran.

But it would also be a selfish and petty move, the kind advocated by Cersei. It would also show her to be a woman who murders because she can. For everyone's sake, let's hope Jaime survives this episode. After all, the real power comes from having the ability to burn men, and not using it unless you have to.