'Easy A' Is Getting A Spinoff Movie, But Fans Might Be Disappointed For This Reason

by Dylan Kickham
Screen Gems

Nearly a decade after it was first released, Easy A is about to be revisited in a brand new movie. The highly quotable teen comedy that first prove Emma Stone's leading lady potential, is getting a spinoff, as confirmed by Variety. Although we do not have many details about this follow-up movie yet, the big question fans are all probably wondering is will Emma Stone be in the Easy A spinoff. Unfortunately, it sounds like the new movie will not see the return of Olive Penderghast, but there are still lots of reasons to be excited about Easy A's upcoming spinoff.

Since Variety's sources stress that this Easy A spinoff is still very early along in the development process, so much is still unknown about the film. Apparently, the spinoff will be set in the same high school as the original movie and center on the same themes, so fans can expect is to tackle sex, deception, and social status at the same Ojai high school. The drawback of this description is that it also seems to reveal Emma Stone will likely not be reprising her role as the opportunistic Olive Penderghast, as the new movie sounds like it will focus on a new generation of students at the school.

The movie would have likely been billed as a sequel rather than a spinoff if Emma Stone's character was being brought back, which is another sign that she probably will not be reprising the part. But hey — it is still too early to say anything for sure about this Easy A spinoff. The script has not even been written yet, so there is still a chance that Olive could make her return.

Screen Gems

The 2010 teen comedy also starred Aly Michalka as Olive's best friend Rhiannon, Penn Badgley as Olive's crush Todd, and Amanda Bynes as Olive's devoutly Christian nemesis Marianne. As with Emma Stone, the spinoff's description also makes it seem unlikely that any of the other actors will be returning for the new movie, but there is still a possibility that they could pop up. One feasible way that this decade-gone-by spinoff could feature its original stars is by making some of them teachers at the high school rather than students. After all, the teachers played a major role in the story of Easy A, so the new movie could definitely do the same.

While the new spinoff may focus on a totally new set of characters, fans of Easy A should rest assured that it will still have the same voice as the original. Bert Royal, who wrote Easy A, is currently writing this spinoff, and Royal is also on board to direct the new movie, which will be his directorial debut.

Easy A became a surprise hit in 2010, taking in $75 million against an $8 million budget. The teen comedy was also Emma Stone's first real leading role, having only previously starred in Superbad, The House Bunny, and Zombieland.

Since the Easy A spinoff is still being written, fans will probably have to wait a while before it hits theaters, but expect to hear some more news about it in the coming year.