This 'Game Of Thrones' Season 8 Theory About Dany & The Night King Is Chilling

by Dylan Kickham

After seven epic seasons, winter is finally coming on Game of Thrones in the high-fantasy series' eighth and final season. Of course, fans of the show have about a million questions that need to be answered in the farewell season, like who the hell is going to end up on that Iron Throne? But another huge question that everyone wants answered is what is going to happen with the Night King and his undead army. Well, a new theory will have fans pondering a totally unexpected possibility: Will Daenerys become the Night Queen? It sounds like a wild concept, but once you hear the theory out, it actually makes sense, and it would certainly be a massive twist for the finale episode!

OK, so this is a pretty involved fan theory, and to best understand it, we are going to have to dive into some GOT lore from centuries before the series takes place, so stick with me for a bit.

The theory starts with the ancient text that Gilly discovered last season, which was entitled Legends of the Long Night. The striking thing about that book to eagle-eyed fans was that is appeared to have a Night Queen on its cover, rather than the Night King that we all know from the series. Diehard fans were able to put together that this Night Queen was most likely Nissa Nissa, the wife of the ancient hero Azor Ahai, whom Azor Ahai wound up killing with his sword Lightbringer. Azor Ahai famously went on to end the Long Night with Lightbringer, as the only known hero in Westerosi legend to fend off the White Walker army.


So what does all of this ancient history have to do with Daenerys? Basically, since one of the most prominently accepted Game of Thrones fan theories for a while now is that Jon Snow is the modern incarnation of Azor Ahai, then Daenerys will likely play the role of Nissa Nissa in bringing the Long Night to its end.

If the theorized interpretation of that book cover is correct, then that means Nissa Nissa became the Night Queen at some point — either Lightbringer turned her into the Night Queen or Azor Ahai used his sword to kill her after she became the Night Queen. Because of how much Game of Thrones loves parallelism, some fans think that this means Daenerys will also be turned into the Night Queen, either resulting from or ended by Jon stabbing her.

The TV series actually offers an answer to this, in a scene where we saw one of the Children of the Forest plunge a dragonglass shard into a man to turn him into a White Walker... and possibly the Night King.

This ritual seems to be the key to turning humans into powerful White Walker kings or queens, and it also very closely echoes what happened to Nissa Nissa. If this theory tracks, then this is also what will likely happen to Daenerys to turn her into the Night Queen.

Whew, did you get all that? Yes, it is an incredibly involved theory, but hey — that's Game of Thrones for ya! We will get to find out if this theory holds water when the eighth season of Game of Thrones premieres on HBO sometime in early 2019.