Here Are The Chances BTS Will Attend This Year's M2 x Genie Awards

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BTS is used to getting award nominations at this point, and so is their fandom. So it should come as no surprise that the group is up for a slew of awards at the M2 x Genie Awards in South Korea — an award show focused on South Korea's Genie chart (think of it like our Billboard Music Awards) that's set to go down on Aug. 1. With their stockpile of nominations, will BTS perform at the 2019 M2 x Genie Awards? Fans of the seven-member group are hoping it'll happen. I mean, can we truly ever get enough BTS performances? Simple answer: no.

The M2 x Genie Awards are actually a fairly new award show in South Korea. The first show took place in November 2018, but they were called the MBC Plus x Genie Awards, since, that year, they partnered with the MBC network. This year, the M2 part of the name represents Genie's partnership with Mnet's digital studio of the same name.

The 2019 nominees were announced on June 19, and the nominees, according to Soompi, are determined by Genie Music chart data, social media buzz, and video views from July 1, 2018, to June 19, 2019. Safe to say the BTS fandom has the music chart and social media buzz parts down, given the fact that BTS' sales are groundbreaking and they've won Top Social Artist at the Billboard Music Awards for the last three years in a row. In addition to those two main awards, BTS are also nominated for the Global Popularity Award.

There are a bunch of categories to be nominated in/win, and BTS faired well this year, as they're nominated for Male Group, Performing Artist (Male), Genie Inkisang Award, Top Artist, Best Selling Artist, Top Music, and the Global Popularity Award.

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BTS' will finish up their Speak Yourself tour with one show in Saudi Arabia on October 11, and three final shows in Seoul, South Korea on October 26, 27, and 29, but until then, the boys' schedule appears to be clear, and that's likely intentional.

It's totally possible the boys will be in Korea when the show takes place on Aug. 1. That means that they could use a pumped-up version of one of the many performance numbers in their tour repertoire to perform at the M2 x Genie Awards, if they attend. It's not too far fetched to assume the boys will be at the award show and make an appearance on the event's red carpet as they arrive. Given that they're basically always performance-ready, it wouldn't be all too shocking if they performed, either (though, they have chosen to attend award shows but pass on performing in the past, so it's not unheard of).

Nothing is official, though, since neither the group, nor the Genie Awards, has confirmed the boys' attendance. They are the biggest boy band in the world, which means their schedules are stretched super thin with things we don't even know about because it's not announced to the world. So, of course, there's also a chance the boys won't be able to swing attending the show because they're prepping for their next comeback (which is rumored to be going down in October).

Given the huge year BTS has had (their success in the United States has really skyrocketed in the last year, with them officially earning their first music-related award at the BBMAs for Top Duo/Group), it would be a good addition to the performance roster if the M2 x Genie Awards were to have them there. But we won't know until it's confirmed by BTS or the Genie Awards themselves! Only time will tell, but I know I'll be keeping my eyes peeled for that official announcement!