Here Are The Chances Arya Will Actually Kill Cersei On 'Game Of Thrones'

by Ani Bundel

Game of Thrones Season 8 continues to bring the shocking moments, and "The Long Night" was no exception. After tons of misdirection about the Prince(ss) That Was Promised and how the show would end, the series threw a wrench in the proceedings by letting the living win against the Army of the Dead. Not only that, but the hero of the hour wasn't Daenerys Targaryen nor Jon Snow, but Arya. With a Kill List CV now the envy of every Faceless Man in Westeros, fans are asking: Will Arya kill Cersei on Game Of Thrones?

The Night King may have never been an official member of The List™, but no one said Arya can't turn on a dime when she realizes who the ultimate quarry is. It took Melisandre's gentle prod about closing blue eyes forever to put two and two together for Ms. Assassin Stark to realize her destiny, but once she realized this was the moment she was training for her whole life, nothing was stopping her.

Someone had to save Bran, and it wasn't going to be Jon Snow or Theon Greyjoy, or even Daenerys or Sansa. At that moment, Arya understood it was all up to her to make it happen.


But once you add the Night King to your list of the deceased, where is there to go in an assassin's career? Despite Arya's best-laid plans, Ramsay Bolton was taken out by Sansa, and Joffrey Baratheon was slyly removed by Lady Olenna Tyrell. That leaves only one primary antagonist in all of Westeros worthy of Arya's talents: Cersei Lannister.

But what about the Valonqar prophecy? The one that claims the "little brother" will be responsible for Cersei's death? This is super important because viewers just learned a vital lesson about prophecies: They never work the way anyone expects.

Consider! After marrying Duncan Targaryen, a union that got him removed from the line of succession, Jenny of Oldstones told her new father-in-law, King Jaehaerys, he had to marry his younger son (and heir-to-be) Aerys to Rhaella, Aerys' younger sister, because from their union would come the "Prince That Was Promised."

This is why everyone assumes said Promised Prince(ss) was either Daenerys (daughter of Aerys & Rhaella) or Jon Snow, grandson of the same. But that's not how it worked. What really happened was Aerys and Rhaella birthed Rhaegar who ignited a continent level war when he fell in love with Lyanna Stark. That got him killed him off, but not before Lyanna gave birth to their son, who she then gave her brother Ned to raise as his bastard.

Jon's existence at Winterfell upset Ned's wife Catelyn so much, he worked extra hard out of guilt to make her happy, including having not just an heir and a spare of Robb and Sansa, but a whole mess of children, including Arya and Bran. So the union of Aerys and Rhaella caused the birth of said Prince(ss), just not directly.

When one sits with that realization, the straightforward notion either Jaime or Tyrion will kill Cersei themselves suddenly seems ridiculous. One of them will cause her death, just by massively indirect means, and Arya might just be the one to wind up in that position too.