A New Romance May Be On The Rise For Archie On 'Riverdale'


The hormones are flying on Riverdale, and although the main romances have remained pretty set for a while, some surprising new couples are forming in the most recent couple of episodes. Most notably, Archie's moody stint on the run brought him back to town as a completely different person, resulting in the dissolution of his relationship with Veronica. Now, Veronica has moved on to someone else, and it looks like Archie may be about to do the same. This week's new episode has everyone wondering will Archie and Josie date on Riverdale, because sparks definitely seemed to be flying between the two friends.

Spoiler alert: This post will discuss plot details from Riverdale Season 3 Episode 11, "The Red Dahlia." By now, it is pretty clear that the Varchie relationship is done with, and Veronica has moved on to dating Reggie. For his part, Archie feels more isolated in Riverdale than ever after a stint in prison, a couple months on the lamb, and a bear attack have transformed him from an affable high school student into a booze-swilling, violence-obsessed boxer. Wednesday night's new episode saw Archie at his peak edgy rebel phase, as he shoved his boss at his dad's construction site and then got sloppy drunk at Veronica's speakeasy. With all of his friends off conducting their own investigations, Archie seemed to have nobody left to turn to during his downfall... until Josie carried him home.


Josie took it upon herself to sober Archie up and even try to talk him through his clear emotional issues, suggesting that he let out his aggression through boxing (which it seems like he already does since he basically turned his bedroom into a boxing gym) or return to his music (remember when Archie's big thing was that he wanted to be a musician?). This scene is the first time we have really seen a close relationship between Archie and Josie — the two actually worked closely together in Season 1 when Archie was pursuing music with the Pussycats, but they remained entirely separate from one another in Season 2.

In the end, Josie's suggestions actually seem to sink in, and Archie ends up asking Josie if she wants to jam with him sometime like they used to when he was working with the Pussycats. That is when the writing seems to be on the wall: Archie and Josie are about to become a thing, right? After all, it is kind of Archie's style to jump from girl to girl (remember Mrs. Grundy, and then Valerie, and of course the whole Betty versus Veronica question), and the latest episode give off some clear signs that things may heat up between Archie and Josie.

It is also interesting that many fans suspected Josie and Reggie would get together after they flirted for a bit in Season 2. I guess they were each meant for main characters, though, and not one another. We will have to see if Archie and Josie really do become a couple as Riverdale continues Wednesday nights at 8 p.m. ET on the CW.