Amy Schumer Addressed Whether She's Having A Boy Or A Girl On Twitter In The Funniest Way

by Hollee Actman Becker
Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Amy Schumer is expecting her first child with husband Chris Fischer, and the I Feel Pretty star has been giving us all a brutally honest glimpse of her morning sickness-filled pregnancy journey for months now on social media. Whether she's downing a nasty, orange glucose drink or throwing up on the side of the road on the way to a gig, Schumer is happy to bring her followers along for the super-real ride — which has been kinda cool and kinda gross all at the same time. Of course, all of this has made me wonder: will Amy Schumer have a boy or a girl?

If you believe in old wives' tales about extreme morning sickness — and I definitely do — then you'll be convinced that Schumer is having a girl. So is she? Hell if I know. Because even though the comedian took to both Instagram and Twitter on Feb. 12 to make an announcement via video about the sex of her baby, we still don't know what she's having. In a plot twist I didn't see coming but totally should have, the hilarious mama-to-be revealed that she doesn't give a shiz what her baby's sex is because she's fine with however her child identifies.

"Hi guys, it's me, Amy," she began. "I know it probably seems like I’ve been pregnant for 1,000 years to you guys, but I’ve been working really hard. It’s not all just relaxing and eating donuts.

She then took a bite out of a chocolate-glazed donut.

"What I wanted to announce was the baby’s gender," she continued. "We’re so excited to say that we don’t care what the baby’s gender is. However the baby identifies is fine. Whatever the baby’s sexuality is, any way the baby identifies, is cool with us. As long as it doesn’t identify as a DJ, 'cause that’s heartbreaking."

Gotta love a gender reveal fake-out that's also totally inclusive. Schumer is such a freaking rockstar! But you know her child is totally gonna rebel one day and be a DJ, right?

Anyway, along with the non-reveal — nonveal? — the Trainwreck star announced her new comedy special called Amy Schumer Growing, which will drop on Netflix on March 19.

"I’m really proud of it," she said. "It’s called Growing and I think it’s the best special I’ve ever done. I hope you guys like it."

Pretty sure we will. I love the way Schumer has been so raw and real with us about her struggles with hyperemesis gravidarum, while at the same time managing to somehow maintain her sense of humor. I mean, she's posted, like, four videos of herself tossing her cookies, so I can only imagine the level of realness she's going to bring to the stage.

According to Deadline, the comedy special — which is the comedian's second and was filmed a few months ago in Chicago — will give us all a refreshingly honest and hilarious take not just on Schumer's pregnancy, but also on marriage, politics, sex, and personal growth.

Netflix described the project on its site this way: "provocative, raunchy, and irreverent."

Or in other words, totally on-brand for Schumer.

Best of luck with all of it, mama!