Edgar Evernever's Wife Will Appear On 'Riverdale,' But It Might Not Be Who You Expect


Piece by piece, Riverdale fans are finally starting to get more information about what is going on with the town's mysterious new cult The Farm, but its newly introduced leader Edgar Evernever is still a major question mark. And apparently, Edgar is not the only new Evernever that we will meet before the season ends. Chad Michael Murray recently revealed that Edgar Evernever's wife will be introduced on Riverdale very soon, but the most recent episodes has fans wondering if the Mrs. Evernever reveal is actually a twist. Will Alice marry Edgar Evernever on Riverdale, or will we actually find out who Evelyn's mother is? Either direction would be pretty shocking.

Spoiler alert: This post contains plot details from Riverdale Season 3 Episode 18, "Jawbreaker." Even though Edgar Evernever was brought up in the very first episode of Season 3, it has taken nearly the entire season to actually meet the charming cult leader. He finally made his first appearance at the end of the musical episode, and we have seen his mysterious power over his followers in action in the past few episodes. But there is still one more twist left to explore: Edgar's wife. In a new interview with TVLine, Chad Michael Murray ominously revealed that “Mrs. Evernever is to come."

That response can be interpreted in two ways: Either we will soon meet a character we have not yet met before, who is presumably Evelyn's mother, or Edgar will get married and someone we know will become Mrs. Evernever. Wednesday night's latest new episode seems to clearly be suggesting that the latter interpretation is more likely, though, and that Mrs. Evernever will be none other than Alice Cooper.

In the new episode, Hal Cooper reveals to Betty that Alice has sent him divorce papers, which leads Betty to believe that something is going on with her mom and Edgar Evernever. Sure enough, when Betty asks her mom if she is engaged to Edgar, she doesn't deny it, and instead just goes on about her "strong bond" with him, basically confirming that she really is preparing to marry him.

Alice has been completely charmed to the point of possibly brainwashing by Edgar Evernever throughout Season 3, so a sudden marriage would not even all that surprising. But the real question is why Edgar really wants to marry Alice. At other parts of his TVLine interview, Chad Michael Murray described Edgar as "a man on a mission" and hinted that he has an agenda that will be revealed soon. Edgar's motives for starting this cult and bringing it to Riverdale are still unclear, but if he really is planning on marrying Alice, then it could be a crucial part of whatever his master plan is.

This little Mrs. Evernever mystery also brings up a question that I'll admit I had not even thought about until now: Where is Evelyn's mother? Chad Michael Murray also said that we are going to see more of Edgar's relationship with Evelyn and how Evelyn fits into The Farm as a whole in upcoming episodes, so maybe that will come with some explanation about her mother as well. With only four episodes of Riverdale Season 3 remaining, fans should get ready for a ton of major revelations and twist to come our way very soon.