7 Truest Reasons Why Your Sister Will Always & Forever Be The PB To Your J

by Tessa Harvey

You and your sister create the ultimate duo, most especially if you're best friends. You've literally known each other since birth, so let's just ponder that for a moment: That's a long AF time. You've been through all the pivotal moments of each other's lives together, you've seen her at her very, very worst and celebrated her best. Through the successes, the highs, and the lows, you've been there. That makes your relationship truly one of a kind — and no one else can compare. Even though your closeness may sometimes drive you into some crazy sister face-offs, you always come back like nothing ever happened. That's sisterhood, y'all, and that's why your sister knows you best out of everyone.

My sister and I have our fair share of fights and pettiness, but I know that I can count on her for everything, especially if I'm feeling low. She always knows just what to say to cheer me up, and though yes, I love my other friends, my sister is definitely my number one. How could she not be? Sisters are like PB and J sandwiches — they're tried and true, they're easy to rely on, and they've never let you down. Plus, you just work well together (you and your sister, and the PB and J).

When you're feeling down, turn to your built-in best friend for support. She'll be there for you like no one else can. These seven ways are just the tip of beginning to explain your friendship.

She Can See The Whole Picture, Even When You Can't

Sometimes, it takes an outside perspective to see your problems a bit better, and sometimes, it takes someone particularly special. Your sister knows you and what you've been through, so if there's anyone qualified out there to give you the best kind of advice, it's going to be her.

Her Closet Complete Yours

You used to argue, scream, and hardcore fight about who stole whose clothes (and let's be honest, sometimes you still do...). But now it's all about borrowing clothes from one another to make killer combos out of both of your closets. It's honestly a win-win.

Chances are that whatever you're missing, she has, so don't hesitate to call her up when you're having a fashion crisis. It's just another way you complete each other.

She's Your Rock In Hard Times

Even when she likes to taunt and make fun of you, your sister is your rock. She's there for you in whatever way she can be through whatever happens — and you know she'll drop anything to help. She's there if you need strength, and you're there for her as well. You both know just what to say after years of comforting one another, so who else could make you feel better than your number one?

She Perfectly Complements You

You've been friends all of your lives, so it's only natural that you make an amazing duo. You've spent the better part of your life complementing each other's strengths and weaknesses, and of course, that carries into adulthood. When she needs help acing her interview for her dream job, you're there to help.

You Take Care Of One Another

Think back to the last time you were sick and dealing with a terrible cold. Who was there to text you, send you supplies, and bring over the coziest of blankets? Probably your sister. She loves you endlessly, and you can always count on her to make some mean chicken soup when you're feeling crummy AF.

You'll Stick Together Forever

Sisters are the special kind of friend for so many years, but perhaps, the most unique is the bond of family. After all, you are blood related, and that's not the kind of thing you can throw away. Sure, you can ignore each other for a bit, but the truth is, you're sisters, and there's no getting rid of that tie.

Everything's Better When You're Together

If you have a sister and she's your best friend, you'll understand this: Somehow, everything just works better when she's around. You're happier, you laugh more, and it just seems easier to take on the world. The two of you were made to be best friends, and nothing's going to change that.

You're pretty awesome alone, don't get me wrong. But together, you're unstoppable and reliable — kind of like a good old PB and J sandwich.