Why Your Sister Will Always Be Your Number One Friend & Fan

When it comes down to deciding who your best friend for life is, there really is no competition when you have a sister. She has been filling that role like a boss since day one. Sure, you had the luxury of growing up together in the same household that most best friends don't have, but there's so much more as to why your sister is your number one friend and fan.

At any sporting event, you want the loudest fan in your corner, and that's clearly your sis. She was there when you graduated high school and college, and now cheers you on through every job promotion and major milestone in your 20s. (Seriously though, who's better than her?)

Additionally, a true fan is ready to lend a helping hand when there's an obstacle in your way— and your sister is always right there beside you, no matter what. She's your best friend, confidant, truest fan, and partner-in-crime all in one, and you really wouldn't have it any other way. So, get a cute throwback pic together and dedicate an entire Instagram post to your sister, because she deserves all the recognition. Here's why she'll forever be your number one girl.

She's Got Your Back, Even When She Doesn't Know What's Going On

When I'm upset about anything, my sister is right there in my corner. It doesn't matter who it is or what they did, she is always ready to be on my side.

Sometimes, you just need that support from your sis to pick yourself back up and continue being the girl boss you are. Did I mention that she's truly the best?

She Only Wants What's Best For You

A true fan knows what's best for you, even if it's not necessarily what you think you want. Sometimes, you need that brutal honesty to show you the right path, and the only person who feels comfortable enough to dish it out is your sister. (Also, let's be honest: She's the only one who's opinion you'll actually listen to.)

She Knows You Better Than You Know Yourself At Times

A true fan knows every little detail there is to know. Your sis knows you like the back of her hand. She knows your favorite hobbies, stores, movies, restaurants, and so much more. She knows your likes and pet peeves. She will even surprise you with facts you might have forgotten about yourself.

She's The Motivation You Need On A Bad Day

Just like a motivational speech in any sports movie, your sis gives you the perfect kind of advice you need to hear when you're having a bad day. Maybe you had a chaotic day at work, and she's there with your favorite pint of ice cream and a rom-com to cheer you up. And if you're ever fighting with a friend, you can always count on your sister to offer words of wisdom.

She's Your Most Dedicated Instagram Follower

It may seem like a simple thing, but you're grateful AF when your sister shows you some love on Instagram. It doesn't matter if it's a foodie pic, selfie, or sunset snap, you can count on your sister to be one of the first people to like and even comment on it. She's all about hyping up your Insta game.

She Has Your Sister Selfies Throughout Her Apartment

Your sister's apartment is filled with pics of the two of you. She has a few framed pictures from your family vacations on her apartment wall, and another wall dedicated to the Polaroid pictures you took last New Year's Eve. She's proud to show off that she loves you, and you melt whenever you step inside her place.