Why Your Cousin Squad Is Better Than Any Other Friend Group You'll Ever Have

Finding genuine, loyal friends to make up your girl crew can be one of the most difficult tasks. But if you happen to have a bunch of cousins you love, then consider it mission complete. No matter how many different groups you're part of, your family always comes in first. That's why your cousins are better than any other friend group you'll have in life.

It's true that you don't need to share blood to be soul sisters, but there's no denying that the connection between you and your cousins is something unique. They've been there since day one, and they will continue to be your friends 'til the end. You have that commitment to each other, in addition to these nine reasons why your cousins are the real MVPs. They even check off every box of what the perfect squad should be (plus a few bonus qualities that only family members posses).

I've relied on my cousin crew to get me through so many highs and lows. I know they made every Thanksgiving and Christmas a million times better, and I only survived family reunions because of them. Even though they live far away, I can count on them for anything, and that's why cousins are the best friends you'll ever have.

They Will Forever Hold The Record For Longest Friendship Ever

There's no competition here. Your cousins have been your best friends since birth, and they have no plans of going anywhere anytime soon. From that impressive timeline alone, they win out for being your true forever friends.

Your #TBT Photos Will Never Be Topped
Rachel Chapman

You may have met your best friend group in high school, and have fun throwback pics from the football games and pasta parties to share on the 'Gram, but nothing will ever top your cousin TBTs. The photos of your family vacation to Florida with giant neon fanny packs will always make you cringe a bit, and laugh a lot. And who could forget the embarrassing, but priceless, photos of you all playing dress-up in Grandma's closet? When it comes to these pics, they can't be beat.

You're Practically Twins With The DNA You Share

You may not have the exact same DNA, but you and your cousins are so similar. You might even have some of the same mannerisms and ways of thinking. It allows you to be on the same page at all times, and for that, they will always understand where you're coming from.

You Share A Secret Cousin Language
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You've been perfecting this secret cousin language since the days of Thanksgiving dinners, sitting at the kids' table. You can give your cousins a single look, and they will understand everything you're trying to say. This has come in handy so often at family reunions, that you should seriously put it on your resume as a second language.

Your Family Already Loves Them

The best part of a good friendship is when they become part of your family. I love it when my parents ask me about my bestie like she's one of their own. Your friends have to reach that level, but for your cousins, they're already there — they are family.

You Are Experts At Having Fun Together

You and your cousins have been playing together and having fun for years. At first, it was playing dress=up and running around in your Grandparent's backyard. Nowadays, you spend time going out dancing, eating, and just chilling at home, catching up. The common thread is always a great time, and it's so easy for you to have that when your cousins are around.

The Long-Distance Has Never Been A Problem For You

When a friend moves to the other side of the country, it can be a serious buzzkill. It's really hard keeping up when you don't see them every day like you used to. Luckily, you and your cousins may be long-distance pros. You could go months without talking, but when you're reunited for the holidays, it's like no time has passed. Time and distance are no biggies for you, and could never ruin the incredible bond you have.

They Give The Best Advice That You Would Pay For, But Don't Have To
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One of the best qualities of a good friend is being able to go to them in a time of need. You feel totally comfortable talking to your cousins about literally anything, and they know you better than you know yourself at times. Both of these provide the perfect combination for the best advice.

They Know Just How To Make You Smile

Over the years, you and your cousins have had some seriously hilarious inside jokes. From this aspect alone, they know just how to make you smile when you need it the most. Not only that, but your cousins give the best hugs, that you can't help but to grin ear-to-ear after.