Why Women Leave Bad Dates Early, As Told By 7 Women


I have never left a bad date early, but there was one time I maybe should have ditched. Instead of sneaking off, however, I encouraged my date — who had both his work and personal phones out at the bar — to head out, saying "I know you have an early morning tomorrow; I don't mind covering the tab at all." Despite the fact that said gentleman, er, I'm sorry, said date had checked out two other women at the bar, he insisted on staying and paying. Women leave bad dates early sometimes, and they have every right to. Men do it too, but I was aiming to be polite.

In hindsight, trying to be polite so that a person who had told me I'd get into business school "because [I'm] a woman," and emailed no less than twelve times over one glass of wine did not deem me ungrateful or impolite was not necessarily worth it. In fact, it sort of made me feel like a pushover. Then again, I believe in being kind to others, no matter how sh*tty of people they are. I decided to reach out to the ladies of Reddit — as one does, right? — to see what exactly had encouraged them to straight up leave a date. Here's what they had to say:

1. This Woman Left Because Her Date Made Her Feel Uncomfortable


If you don't feel comfortable on a date, or if a date touches you in a way that makes you squirm, get out. Period. This gigantic moment in history in which women are finally being listened to about the despicable creeps out there who abuse their power to assault and harass women is a great reminder: you don't have to put up with unwanted behavior.

2. This Woman Just Wasn't Into It


This is bold, but also, like, I can't totally shade her. If you bring cash and simply aren't having a great night, it should be OK to politely excuse yourself and drop some cash to cover your food or drink. Why waste everyone's time?

3. This Woman's Date Brought His Dog To The Bar


OK, so two dogs walk into a bar: one ends up in a bag, while the other tries to have a normal date with a human woman. Just, no. Make it stop. But really, this made me LOL and also made me go yass kween, exit that date right now.

4. This Woman Had An Anxiety Attack, So That's Legit


Oh, my sweet girl. This sounds just awful and don't worry about lying to him; take care of yourself. Anxiety is the f*cking worst.

5. This Woman Was On A Date With Two People


I agree with the solid "nope." Did this date Google "what's a f*ckboy?" before arranging said date and then ask himself, "How can I one up that?" WOOF.

6. This Woman Has Something To Teach Me


Lesson for all of the millennials: phone plus date equals bad. Just say no to phone.

7. This Woman Has A Whole System


I like how she's not shallow about her reasons for ditching. Only big red flags warrant exiting a date, and I would agree with that. After all, looks are deceiving and I know that because some of the best-looking men I've dated ended up being the yuckiest humans in all the land.

I also enjoy how more than one Redditor commented that they "noped out of there." I'm going to start saying that. Except, I still am uncertain if I'll ever be OK with up and leaving in the middle of a date. Well, that's unless someone touches me inappropriately, makes me feel uncomfortable, or puts their dog in a bag. Then, I'm nope-ing out of there guilt-free.

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