Halsey Just Shaded The MTV VMAs So Hard For A Pretty Understandable Reason

by Jamie LeeLo
Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Music fans were stoked to tune in to the 2018 MTV Video Music Awards on Monday, Aug. 20. Fan-favorite celebrities graced the red carpet, put on awesome performances, and gave fun and fascinating acceptance speeches. Everything seemed perfect, except something was missing. Singer Halsey sat this one out. Fans noticed her absence right away, particularly after her heavily publicized breakup with ex-boyfriend, G-Eazy this past year. Some people even jumped on Twitter to get to the bottom of it. In fact, fans are still wondering — why wasn't Hasley at the 2018 VMA's? Honestly, her answer is pretty freaking badass, and no, it has nothing to do with her breakup, thank you very much.

Fans tweeted at the "Now Or Never" singer on Twitter prodding for an explanation once they realized she wasn't in attendance. Not one to shy away from honesty, Halsey responded to one inquisitive fan who asked why she wasn't in attendance with a thorough and totally understandable explanation. She Tweeted back, "bc I directed all my own music videos this album just to have @MTV '#wcw' me to death and not nominate me for anything so it didn’t feel right to go. I’m happy you guys liked the videos. That’s all that matters to me."

Yas, Queen. Speak. Your. Truth.

Halsey is referring to her music videos for the tracks “Now or Never,” “Bad at Love,” and “Alone," off of her 2017 album, Hopeless Fountain Kingdom. Evidently, all three were directed by the 23-year-old artist herself. If you take a few minutes to browse her mentioned work, you'll notice they all have a similar artistic sensibility and specific cinematic narrative. Oh yeah, and the three videos have racked up just shy of 250 million views between them.

Not bad for someone who received no nominations, eh?

In 2017, Halsey was nominated for three VMA awards for the categories Best Collaboration, Cinematography, and Editing. And, in 2016, she performed at the VMA's with The Chainsmokers. For these reasons, this year's snub feels extra-heightened.

In contrast, G-Eazy was at the awards show and appeared to throw a little extra shade Halsey's way. During a red carpet interview at the Twitter VMA pre-show, G-Eazy said 2018 has been "the best summer" of his life. Um... 'scuse you? Fans took it as a dig at Halsey considering their breakup has been spiraling in the media ever since they announced their split in early July. Sure, it's possible he was simply referencing his own music career, but you can't blame fans for prickling at his choice of words considering everything that's been going on between him and Halsey.

Who actually knows what Halsey was doing during the awards show, but whatever it was we know she was NOT feeding into an organization she felt did her dirty. It's an awesome "lead by example" and "stick to your morals" moment fans can use for inspiration again and again, and just one of the many reasons everyone loves her so much.