8 Undeniable Reasons Why Summer Is Every Chill Girl's Favorite Season

Summer and chilling go hand-in-hand like eating ice cream on a hot afternoon, or sleeping in a hammock at the beach. As a super chill girl, you know that relaxing is your number one priority in life. You prefer naps over going out, and keeping it real over living for the drama. The good vibes are what you aim for each and every day, and that's why summer is the chill girl's favorite season.

Summer is prime vacation season. It's the time for heading to the surf and sand, floating in the pool, and relaxing in the AC with your acai bowl. As someone who lives in vacation mode all the time, you're ready for summer 365 days of the year. Finally, the weather and sunshine have caught onto your vibes, and you get to live your best life in the season you truly thrive in.

Out of all the summer mantras one could have, yours is, "Good times and tan lines." With these eight reasons, it's no wonder you're falling hard for the summer and ready to chill out. To all of my fellow chill girls out there, I hope your summer is everything you want it to be — aka, relaxing, stress-free, and full of sunshine.

The AC Makes You Even Chiller

If you're someplace where it becomes almost unbearable to step outside into the humidity, staying in with the AC blasting is where you want to be. That's completely fine with you, because a chill girl loves staying in. A perfect summer night for you is hanging at home with Netflix, your favorite glass of wine (if you're 21 or older), and s'mores made in the microwave.

Summer Is Basically Nap Season

I don't know about you, but the perfect combination of sunshine and warm weather just makes me sleepy. That's why summer is the prime time for afternoon naps. I dare you to try and stay awake while you're relaxing by the pool, in a hammock on the beach, or lounging in the shade on a picnic at the park. It's almost impossible. A quick power nap is on the summer agenda every day.

Relaxing Is A Priority On The Summer Bucket List

Relaxing is the first thing on your summer bucket list, and you intend to do it every day this season. You travel to the beach to relax, hang by the pool to relax, and go on epic vacations to relax and recharge. You may have a million adventures you want to go on, but every single thing you plan to do this summer will be done in a relaxing mode.

You Go With The Flow

Other than your planned vacations this season, your summer days are up in the air. The only thing you have on the agenda is living for the moment, and summers are meant to just go wherever the sunshine takes you.

From The Ocean To The Mountains, Nature Is Calling

Summer is the best time to travel, and as someone who is one with nature, you're down to explore it all. It's a nice time to jet off on a tropical getaway or go camping with your besties. You are truly down to Earth, chill girl.

You Get To Break Out Your Carefree Summer Wardrobe

I love summer, because I'm able to wear my overalls, sundresses, and vibrant rompers. I don't have to worry about being too cold, or wearing five million layers of clothing in order to be comfy. The chill girl loves the ease of getting dressed in the morning for a summer day by putting on her favorite sundress and pair of sandals.

Even The Summer Food Menu Is Chill AF

There's nothing chiller than sitting by the fire and roasting marshmallows for your s'mores, or sitting by the pool and drinking a piña colada. All of the food you're craving this summer will be enjoyed in the most relaxing way possible. Even an ice cream cone is the chillest snack to grab while you're strolling along the boardwalk with friends. Bring on the chocolate and vanilla swirl with sprinkles.

The Songs Of The Summer Are All About Good Vibes

Your summer playlist is probably full of Jack Johnson, Jimmy Buffett, and John Mayer. Add Miley Cyrus' "Malibu" and DJ Khaled's "I'm The One" into the mix, and you've got yourself a solid playlist to stream during your next beach day or backyard barbecue. Every song that becomes the "song of the summer" is a chill girl's jam.