The reason  why Monsta X is postponing their second 2020 comeback all comes down to their health.

Monsta X Is Postponing Their Comeback For An Important Reason

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Monbebes will have to wait a little bit longer to hear Monsta X's upcoming mini album FANTASIA X. On Monday, May 4, the group's agency, Starship Entertainment, announced the group's May 11 comeback will be delayed. The reason why Monsta X is postponing their second 2020 comeback all comes down to their health.

Fans have been looking forward to hearing new music from Monsta X ever since they announced FANTASIA X on April 13. As the weeks went on, fans got more details about the group's next era through the release of several trailers and concept photos. One of the latest pieces of information Monbebes received was FANTASIA X would include seven new songs: "Fantasia," "Flow," "Zone," "Chaotic," "Beautiful Night," "It Ain't Over," and" Stand Up."

Since Monsta X's last comeback was in February with All About Luv, fans couldn't believe they were getting more music so soon. Now, fans will need to be patient for just a while longer because Starship revealed FANTASIA X will no longer be released on May 11. A few days before the album was supposed to arrive, the agency let fans know the sad news through a statement.

"We are truly sorry to make a sudden announcement that there will be a delay in the release of Monsta X’s mini album 'FANTASIA X,'" Starship's statement began. "Recently, member Shownu experienced back pain while practicing the choreography for the upcoming comeback. He was immediately transferred to the hospital for a medical examination. Based on the result of the examination, Shownu was diagnosed to avoid any extreme exercise, excessive movement, and to get injection treatment along with physiotherapy for a quick recovery."

Due to Shownu's condition, the agency delayed Monsta X's comeback so he could properly recover in the coming weeks.

Luckily, Monsta X's comeback won't be affected too much. Instead of FANTASIA X releasing on May 11, the album will be pushed back to May 26, meaning fans will only have to wait two more weeks to finally hear it.

"Once again, we would like to give sincere apologies and ask for a kind understanding from the fans who have been waiting for the comeback of Monsta X," Starship ended their statement.

While fans are bummed about Monsta X's album being postponed, they are even more concerned about Shownu's health. They trended #GetWellSoonShownu on Twitter in order to let him know they're thinking about him.

As long as Shownu gets better, Monbebes don't mind waiting a few more weeks for Monsta X's comeback.