Joohoney Is Taking A Break From Monsta X & His Fans Support Him 100%

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A month ahead of Monsta X's 2020 All About Luv comeback on Feb. 14, the group's agency, Starship Entertainment, announced Joohoney will take a break from Monsta X to focus on his health. After hearing the reason for his hiatus, Monbebe immediately understood and supported Joohoney's decision to prioritize his health over the group's activities. It isn't clear when Joohoney will be back, but fans are encouraging him to take all the time he needs to get better.

Previously, Joohoney was absent from some of the group's U.S. activities in December. Since he was seen with the other members at Incheon airport before they embarked to the U.S. on Dec. 6, fans were confused why Joohoney didn't land with them in the U.S. On Dec. 7, Starship revealed Joohoney experienced "sudden dizziness and extreme conditions while waiting to take off after boarding a flight," prompting him to check into a hospital to receive treatment. Unfortunately, he didn't recover in time for Monsta X's Jingle Ball performances in Minneapolis or Philadelphia, but he did make it for the group's New York City performance on Dec. 13.

Now, Starship Entertainment has released a statement giving fans an update on Joohoney's health, revealing he's been experiencing anxiety that need to be treated with proper rest. The statement began,

Hello. This is Starship Entertainment. This is an announcement regarding Monsta X member Joohoney's health. Joohoney recently visited multiple professional medical institutions for accurate diagnosis regarding anxiety symptoms. The results of the examination showed that due to anxiety symptoms, sufficient rest and stability are essential for him to make a full recovery. We have had a thorough discussion with Joohoney and Monsta X members, and have decided to take continuous treatment and stability which focus on the restoration of Joohoney.
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The agency then asked for fans' support, as Joohoney will step back from Monsta X's activities until his condition improves and a doctor gives him the OK to return.

We ask for the understanding of the fans, as we have decided to suspend temporarily further activities to improve the artist's health condition. We promise to do our best to give him all the support for his recovery. Joohoney's return will be based on his recovery status and professional opinion, which will also be conducted through careful consultation with Joohoney and the members. We sincerely apologize for the concern we have caused to Joohoney's fans who always show him love. We will continue to do our best to maintain the health of Monsta X members. Thank you.

Instead of feeling sad about his temporary break, fans felt relieved Joohoney is getting help to improve his health.

On Jan. 13, Monsta X announced they'll be embarking on a North American tour this summer, beginning on June 2 in Minneapolis. The group's announcement video didn't include Joohoney, making fans question whether he'll be part of the upcoming tour or not.

Since the tour won't begin for another six months, Joohoney may feel better then and could potentially participate, but if not, fans totally understand.

Whether Joohoney misses Monsta X's comeback performances, their summer tour, or both, it doesn't matter to Monbebe. They just care about Joohoney's health.