Edgar Evernever Just Got Even Creepier After The Revelations In This Week's 'Rivedale'

by Dylan Kickham

Although The Farm has been a presence in Riverdale throughout this entire season, the cult has been rapidly increasing in numbers over the past few weeks. With the sudden appearance of its leader Edgar Evernever, The Farm is finally starting to make a bit more sense, although fans still do not know exactly what the cult's actual goal may be. But Wednesday night's new episode seems to have revealed what The Farm is really after. It is still not clear why is Edgar Evernever after Betty, but the latest Riverdale episode showed that whatever his master plan is, Betty is integral to it.

Spoiler alert: This post contains plot details from Riverdale Season 3 Episode 19, "Fear the Reaper." The first major reveal about The Farm in this week's new episode was all about Evelyn Evernever, who has actually managed to keep any questions about her life before Riverdale High to a minimum. As Betty went digging through Evelyn's school records, though, she discovered that her new classmate has a very long line of former high schools. In fact, Evelyn has been enrolling in different high school as a junior for the past ten years, which means that she is actually 26 years old. Yep — Evelyn is in her mid-20s and pretending to be a high schooler! Honestly, that feels super meta for Riverdale, considering all of the show's stars are twenty-something actors pretending to be teenagers.

But that is not even the most shocking revelation about Evelyn's true identity. After a bit more digging, Betty discovers that Evelyn is actually not Edgar's daughter... but actually his wife!

Apparently, Evelyn has been helping her husband recruit new members into The Farm for the past decade by talking up the cult among teenagers in all of the high schools she constantly enrolls in. The revelation is particularly mind-boggling for Betty since her mom is about to marry Edgar herself.

Toni agrees to help Betty try to save Polly's twins from the Farm, but in a turn of events, we find out that Toni is a full-fledged Farmie now, too, and she instead leads Betty into a room with Edgar, Evelyn, and all the other members of The Farm. Betty tells her mom that Edgar is already married to Evelyn, but Alice is creepily OK with a sister-wives scenario, and Edgar tries to convince Betty to stop resisting and just join The Farm.

This scene is the clearest we have seen Edgar's motives so far in the show. He appears desperate for Betty to join his cult for some reason, even pointing out that he has recruited all of the people closest to her. As everyone around him continues to chant "Join us," Betty actually seems to consider the cult life for a moment, but quickly snaps out of it when she remembers Dagwood and Juniper inexplicable floating over that fire. Betty rushes out, and Edgar instructs all of his followers to apprehend her. Luckily, she gets away, but is soon after met with the news that her father had been killed during an accident in his prison transfer. This death is particularly suspicious given that Edgar had just talked about how he recruited all of Betty's family, and the fact that Betty had recently turned to her father more after losing her mom to The Farm.

Although The Farm's end goal is still shrouded in mystery, the new episode made it clear that Betty joining his cult is central to his plan.