Why Going To The Beach With Your Sis Is The Most Underrated Part Of Your Summer

Dating back to when you were just a kid, your sister has always been your favorite beach buddy. From building sandcastles to chasing the tide, no one could tell you two that you weren't mermaids. Going to the beach with your sister as an adult still brightens your entire summer. Your beach days still consists of collecting seashells and wearing adorable sunnies. Now, you guys can travel to beaches all over the globe if you want to because the wanderlust struggle is real. That beach from your childhood, though is always going to be your favorite.

Being a beach bum with your sister is literally the highlight of your summer, no matter how simple it sounds. That's your ride or die and when the two of you get together (especially with Mai Tais in hand) there's no telling where those fun times will lead you. It's summer, so enjoying it to the max is mandatory, and you couldn't imagine living your best life with anyone else. It might be a little challenging to grasp if you don't have a sister or super close BFF, but here are seven reasons why heading to the beach with your sis deserves so much more kudos for being the grandest part of your summer.

She Always Packs Your Favorite Snacks In The Cooler

Your sister knows all the snacks you love and for those long days at the beach, she's stacked. There's nothing like going to the beach with someone who gets you. Aside from being your beach buddy, she's also your favorite person to find a midnight snack with.

You Can Proudly Do Those Childlike Things At The Beach

You don't feel weird kicking the water as you run along the shore or eating a popsicle. You two have been doing this for ages, and when you decide to beach it together, it's almost like not of that has changed. If you're looking for childhood nostalgia this summer, go to the beach with your sister.

The Best Girl Talk Happens On The Shoreline

As much as girl talk can be had during any season, catching up and cluing in your sis over the summer on the beach is ideal. One of the main things you look back on about summer is the memories you made. Those girl talks on the beach are surely going to take up most of the space on memory lane.

Your Beach Days Truly Last All Day

When you go to the beach with just anyone, you have to consider their time preferences. Some people like to do a couple hours at the beach and then bounce. Where's the fun in that? You and your sister have a consensus that it's a day-long affair or it didn't even happen.

Your Pic Game Is Fire

Maybe it's the mixture of good company and amazing scenery, but your pics are lit. Whether they're candid or action shots, you and your sister always seem to muster up the best Kodak moments at the beach. Oh, and there's definitely a few thirst trap pics, as well.

You Genuinely Feel Relaxed

You can truly be yourself around your sister. No pressure means you can actually unwind and enjoy the moment. Summer is all about creating time for utter relaxation and you look like a pro when you're at the beach with your sis. In all honesty, it's one of those low key things you should find time to thank her for.

The Beach Usually Leads To Other Eventful Things

Ever notice how the day may have started at the beach, but you end the night with shoes full of sand and a story to tell? Sounds like you went to the beach with your sister. You two tend to attract randomly fun summer nights. It's almost like your post-beach plans are to not go accordingly to plan and you are so here for it.

A beach outing with your sis is no ordinary beach day. No need to search for buried treasure because you've got a gem on the towel next to ya.