Here’s Why ‘Bachelor Winter Games’ Competitor Jordan Is Getting So Much Hate

By Laura Rizzo

Bachelor Winter Games is here, and it's more than any franchise fan was expecting. From the original anthem to the hilarious ski race, ABC has given it the best they've got... I'm pretty sure. There are some really promising contestants from all over the world. However, new competitors bring new drama. There's an entire Bachelor international world out there that I didn't even know about. Surprisingly, one New Zealand contestant seems to be the bane of everyone's existence. Why don't people like Jordan from Bachelor Winter Games? There's a reason, and fans aren't happy with him.

While all the new Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants look shiny and new, everyone has a backstory in the franchise. Jordan seems like a hunky guy from New Zealand with a sharp jawline and muscular shoulders. However, people who know him from his Bachelor days are D-R-A-G-G-I-N-G him. What did Jordan do that was so offensive? It all began with his lack of interest in the women on his season.

Basically, Jordan just wasn't feeling it with any contestants on The Bachelor New Zealand. He chose the winner of his season by flipping a coin (earning him the nickname "flip-a-coin" on Winter Games). He chose a winner, Fleur Verhoeven, and their breakup aired literally 24 hours after the nation watched him propose.

He explained his actions to Entertainment Tonight by saying,

Unfortunately, I knew early on that I wasn’t connecting with anyone on the show. I’ve fallen for women before and felt the butterflies and I just wasn’t feeling it. It was tough because you have to see it through — you can’t have a Bachelor season that finishes on the 10th episode when there’s 22.

He continued,

I felt terrible [for] leading on the girls who were genuine … which was very few. The majority wanted more Instagram followers and free sh*t after the show. But out of the genuine girls, I think they knew the chemistry wasn’t there.

People who watched the show accused him of being on reality television for fame (well, duh), but Jordan insists he simply didn't feel any "electric moments."

Jordan had his reasoning for deciding the final two. If you weren't mad at him before, you might be now. Or, maybe this clears everything up? He explained,

I thought it was unfair taking a genuine person into a fake relationship for cameras — that would’ve been traumatic for someone who’s in it for real,” he explains. “Then, there were the other two girls [Verhoeven and runner-up Nazanin Khanjani] who didn’t really give a sh*t. I saw their hissy fits, heard through crew what they said behind the scenes and saw they didn’t believe in the process, so [decided] to have them as the final two and flipped a coin for the winner.

Jordan's actions caused such a backlash that he even started receiving death threats from people. This terrible response from social media impacted Jordan's family the most because it was, "hard to process the hate" that came towards him. At the end of the day, all he had done was "broken up with someone," says the reality star.

To him, it was just finally being truthful with fans. He said,

All I had done was broken up with someone, and I wouldn’t even call it breaking up because you have to have something bonding to break and there was never, ever a bond. It was more like a refusal of a fake relationship. That’s where this huge grievance and upset had some untruth to it — how can someone be so upset about some shi**y dates?

Jordan obviously didn't have a good run as The Bachelor New Zealand. He should have watched Ben Higgins season to learn a thing or two. He is still competing in Winter Games, so maybe he'll have better luck. Lesson learned... hopefully.

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