Guys Reveal Their Real Intentions When It Comes To Why They Use Dating Apps

Before I was in a relationship, I would use dating apps as a little confidence booster when I was bored, and occasionally, if I had some good banter with someone I matched with, I'd schedule a date. But that was just me! Every single one of my friends had a different reason for being on them. Some were on the hunt to find a boyfriend, and some were just looking for a casual fling. So are you wondering why the guy you just matched with is on a dating app? Well, a recent Reddit thread asked why guys use dating apps, and, boy, oh, boy, did guys have some thoughts.

Read the responses below to figure out what in the world the guys you're matching with are looking for. Honestly, going into this, I assumed every guy would just respond with "sex" or "something casual," and of course, some of those answers were there. But rest assured, lots of their answers will surprise you!

His main goal is to find something more serious.

I wouldn't turn down a hookup tbh, but I'd like to find something more serious.
Mostly though I just scroll through a bunch of profiles of fat crazy people, then wonder if I'm crazy too.


He wants to find a date and see where it goes from there.

Find a date. If the date turns into a hookup, oh well not going to turn it down unless there’s problems. If the date turns into dating, even better.


He's up for anything.

I'm open to everything, and I'm completely honest with everyone I message or talk to.Ideally I want a long term relationship, but if there is someone who is funny, pretty, but I don't see us matching in the long run I'll consider short term.I've done everything from matching and hooking up an hour later, to dating for over a year.As I approach 30, I'm not looking for someone to call my partner.


He just wants someone to date.

To find someone to go on dates with.


He's open to pretty much any experience.

Anything between meet for a casual date all the way to...anything else. Dating, hookup, serious dating, wifing her.


He wants dates but hasn't been so lucky.

My intentions are to get dates but that never happens so I only get unresponsive matches.


He really has to be interested for something serious.

Sex. I have to be pretty inspired for the rest of it


He's in it for the long haul.

I've been single for quite a long time. I'm not looking for a hookup, I'm looking for something legitimate and hopefully long term.


He uses them to find a placeholder until he finds the real deal.

I use them to find a serious, long term relationship with someone meaningful And until I find that someone special, I use them to try have have one night stands with people I don't care at all about


He wants to go on a date and see what happens.

To go out on dates with women and see what happens. If we have casual sex, that's fun; if we get into a real relationship, that's good too.


He wants a rebound.

My long term relationship ended in August and I'm just now starting to dip my toes into it but purely for hookups. I've not been single for six years so absolutely not wanting to meet anyone for a long term thing.


Remember, the best way to find out someone's true intentions on a dating app? Just ask them.

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