Here's The Reported Reason Miley & Liam's Engagement Stuck The Second Time Around

Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Yes, Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson broke up after a short-lived engagement. And, yes, other great Hollywood couples like Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan filed for divorce after years and years of giving people hope that true love really is out there. But one on-again/off-again celeb couple actually managed to get engaged a second time and successfully make it down the aisle just before 2018 officially came to an end. So, why did Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth get engaged again, after their first engagement didn't quite pan out? Well, new sources reveal some pretty understandable reasons. (Elite Daily has reached out to reps for Cyrus and Hemsworth for comment.)

You see, for those of you who are unfamiliar with the couple's history, the two haven't necessarily the smoothest journey leading up to their nuptials. According to a timeline published on Cosmopolitan, they met back in 2009 on the set of The Last Song. The two started dating shortly after and split for the first time in August 2010. Then the two were on and off until they announced their first engagement in June 2012. That engagement ended in 2013, but Cyrus was spotted wearing the same engagement ring again in 2016. And now they're married!

It's not the most conventional journey, but it clearly worked for them. So, why did they get engaged twice? Well, the two love each other! A lot. Or at least that's what the sources say.

Miley and Liam’s relationship has evolved so beautifully over the past few years. They first grew as individuals and ultimately evolved as a couple,” a friend of Cyrus told PEOPLE. “It speaks to who they are and their mutual respect for one another.”

The breakups also reportedly gave both Cyrus and Hemsworth time to grow as individuals, according to other sources. “Miley went through a lot of soul-searching as she grew up and became her own person,” the first source told PEOPLE. Another insider added to PEOPLE that: “Miley had trust issues and Liam felt she was needy. After years, they finally figured out ways to meet halfway and respectfully deal with each other’s differences.”

When they got engaged the first time, they were just kids. There was no way they were ready for that kind of commitment,” a source close to Cyrus added to PEOPLE. “When the Disney-era of her life was over, Miley was a bit lost and wanted to break out of that image. Liam’s career was also blowing up with Hunger Games, and they were being pulled a million different ways. He didn’t know how to handle the attention and drama.”

Despite the fact that the two dated other people while they were broken up (remember Piley?), the sources also noted that Cyrus reportedly always kept a special spot for Hemsworth in her heart.

Most couples that start dating young split up and never speak again. Miley and Liam were always different,” an insider told PEOPLE. “She would often talk about Liam even though she was dating other people. When they eventually got back together in 2015, it seemed meant to be.”

Finally, the sources tell PEOPLE that Cyrus and Hemsworth have reportedly found their groove. "Miley adores his sense of loyalty, adventure and independence,” her friend tells PEOPLE. “Her career is thriving and so is Liam’s. And now her best friend is also her husband. There’s no better way to start the year.”

Congrats to the happy couple!