Rachel & Becca Have A Theory About Why Ben Didn't Tell Tayshia "I Love You"

by Candice Jalili

Are you a Bachelor Nation fan wondering why the heck Ben Smith didn't say he loves Tayshia Adams on the Dec. 15 hometowns episode of The Bachelorette? Well, former Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay has some thoughts on why Smith might have been hesitant. She broke those thoughts down alongside co-host Becca Kufrin during the Dec. 16 episode of their Bachelor Happy Hour podcast.

She says she sees a lot of similarities between Smith and Peter Kraus, the runner-up on her season of The Bachelorette. "He does just enough to stay by," Lindsay said of Smith. "He reminds me of Peter Kraus... He reminds me of him in the way that, like, he gives you just enough. But if you really break down what he's saying, it doesn't match up. So, it's like, 'I don't believe you. Like, I'm into you. I like you. I feel it, but there's something that I can't explain that's not adding up here.'"

Kraus and Lindsay parted ways with arguably one of the most emotional breakups in Bachelor Nation history back in 2017. He wasn't ready to propose, and she wasn't willing to keep dating him after the finale without an engagement. So, he left with an extremely tearful goodbye, warning her that he believes they're "both going to regret this decision."

Watch the entire emotional breakup here if you're in the mood for a good, old-fashioned cry:

Luckily, things seem to have panned out well for Lindsay following the emotional split from Kraus. She tied the knot with her season's winner, Bryan Abasolo, in August of 2019 and the pair seem to still be going strong.

Now, back to Adams and Smith. In addition to comparing him to Kraus, Lindsay also said, "Ben 1,000 percent wants to be The Bachelor."

Kufrin agreed, saying, "And that's why I think he kind of knows how to play — not that it's a game—but like, kind of how to play it to give us enough, to open up just enough but to not, like, fully commit to this relationship that you, you know, say you're in love."

Lindsay really doesn't want producers to go ahead and actually make Smith the next Bachelor. “I beg producers, please don’t do it," she said. "We’ve been here before with the person who is so desperate to be the lead. It never works out. When they want it so badly, when they’ve been planning for it, calculating, made certain moves to get to that point and then you give it to them, it always messes up. There are so many great men from the Clare [Crawley]/Tayshia season. Don’t pick him. I don’t want to see it.”

Well, I guess Smith can safely count Lindsay out of his fan club.