Rachel Lindsay's First Convo With Peter Kraus Since Their Split Sounds Intense

by Candice Jalili
Paras Griffin/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Usually when an ex reaches out, it's to maybe get their sweatshirt back or grab a cup of coffee. But Rachel Lindsay's first conversation with Peter Kraus post breakup was a little more intense than that. While the two had mostly not spoken since their exchange on After the Final Rose in 2017, Lindsay admitted her ex recently reached out to discuss the Black Lives Matter movement. "He was asking me questions about it and stuff for some advice about responses he had gotten," she revealed.

Lindsay didn't go on to explain the details of their conversation any further than that but the conversation apparently went so well that they briefly considered following each other on Instagram. "We almost hit that follow button, but it would just turn into something that it shouldn't," she shared, ultimately noting that "it's sad because we were like, 'It's probably not a good idea to hit that follow button.'"

If you're hoping that this positive encounter signals some sort of potential romantic reunion between Lindsay and Kraus, don't hold your breath. "I still get messages that tell me, 'You were really into Peter.' It's like, guys, I'm married now," Lindsay revealed, also noting she "just celebrated" her one-year wedding anniversary with Bryan Abasolo, the man she ultimately chose over Kraus at the end of her season.

ICYMI: Kraus was the runner up on Lindsay's season of The Bachelorette and their split was extremely emotional. Kraus didn't want to get engaged at the end of the season and, instead, was hoping they could just keep dating without any marital commitment. Lindsay wasn't down for that, so he told her he "can do nothing but wish [her] the very best." He then went on to say he thinks that they're "both going to regret this decision" and that Lindsay knows "where to find" him if she changes her mind.

Obviously, that change of heart never happened and now Lindsay is happily married to Abasolo, who proposed to her the day after her tearful conversation with Kraus.

During an interview with Us Weekly in February of 2018, Lindsay explained why she chose not to keep in touch with Kraus following the show. "For me, the reason there was so much emotion was because that was closure for me, that was it," Lindsay said at the time. "And I really haven’t talked to him because I don’t have anything else to say."

Take notes, people. If you don't want want to be friends with your ex, you don't have to be.