Here's Why Arie Sent This Fan-Favorite Home After The Fantasy Suites On 'The Bachelor'

by Laura Rizzo

Low-key, my favorite Bachelor contestant from this season is Kendall. Yes, Tia, Sienne, Becca, and Lauren all seem like amazing catches, but Kendall is smart, down to earth, kind, and an overall cool chick. Although she has won over fans, Kendall was not able to make it all the way with Arie. Why did Arie send Kendall home? The entire scene was heartbreaking.

The two had a great Fantasy Suite date full of action and adventure in the sand dunes. They spent the afternoon laughing and having a great time. Obviously, Kendall and Arie's relationship started to progress later in the season so the two did a lot of talking about the future.

Kendall did decide to stay in the Fantasy Suite with Arie. The next morning, the two seemed so happy and like the whole thing was a positive experience. Kendall said she was falling in love with Arie, and Arie even admitted he was falling in love with her. The whole thing gave me a lot of hope for Kendall.

However, Arie told Kendall at the rose ceremony that he just didn't think the two of them could get to the same place as his other relationships in a week. There's no denying they have chemistry, and they ended things on great terms. We love you, Kendall.

Unfortunately, it seemed like Kendall was always on the thinnest ice with Arie compared to the other two remaining contestants. During Week 8, the episode took a surprising turn when Arie sent home Tia. Previous to this decision, Kendall and Tia were the only two standing without roses when Arie abruptly pulled Kendall aside to talk to her. From what I know about The Bachelor franchise, this can be a very good thing but is usually a very bad thing.

Arie aired his concerns with Kendall's readiness for marriage. A little taken back, she explained,

Moving forward, like I'm not ready for this to end like at all. I just wasn't expecting to have this conversation [about being ready for an engagement.] But I see a lot in you that I see in a partner for marriage. And I can't say at this very moment I can say that I'm ready to be engaged. But I see so much in you that I do love. Me saying that I was falling for you, I wasn't saying that just to say that, like I feel that.

Although she admitted she's not ready to be engaged, she did say that she feels love. It was enough for Arie to hand out his last rose to the finale to her.

Kendall and Arie do seem like they shared a connection, but she just didn't have as much time to develop a relationship as Lauren and Becca — who both received two one-on-one dates. Former contestant and opera singer Sharleen Joynt wrote about this uneven date distribution on Flare. She said,

I just can’t get past the math: Lauren, two one-on-one dates, Paris and Tuscany. Becca, two one-on-one dates, L.A. and Tuscany. Not only does Arie simply know them each WAY better than Kendall based on all that one-on-one date [quality time], but he must’ve been more intrigued by and invested in them to have bestowed them with those dates in the first place. Meanwhile, poor Kendall has only gotten ONE date, which doesn’t even count as a date because she was pitted against Krystal on a two-on-one.

Another former Bachelor contestant, Ali Fedotowsky, also spoke out about Arie's questionable decisions. Specifically, the fact that he told Kendall (and the rest of the final four contestants) during Week 8 that he was falling for her. Ali explained in her blog Ali Luvs,

I just don’t understand why Arie told Kendall that he was falling for her. I just feel like it’s almost impossible to be falling in love with FOUR people at the same time. So by telling her that he was falling for her, it was almost like saying she should feel safe that she’s not going home this week.

No matter what the motives behind Arie's decisions are, Kendall was obviously not the one for him. I'm sure she has a lot of bright things in her future. Paradise, maybe? I'll keep my fingers crossed.

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