Here's Why Aquarius Season Is The Perfect Time To Prioritize Self-Love

by Cosmo Luce

Aquarius is the sign of the water bearer, bringing refreshing libations to their community in a cracked vessel. As they carry the vessel from the river where they filled their jar back into the city, water seeps from the crack, watering the Earth alongside the path. This water is what allows flowers to bloom when the thaw arrives and spring has sprung again. This is a complex metaphor that is about not only communal responsibility, but the healing power of our own wounds. In other words, Aquarius season is a time for self-love, because caring for yourself is the key to cleansing your spirit.

The water that the Aquarius carries in their jar symbolizes the spirit, and the crack in the jar represents the wound that all of us accumulate throughout our lives. It is only through the process of being wounded that we can learn how to heal ourselves. But the spirit of Aquarius goes far beyond healing the individual. Aquarians are collectively minded humanitarians, who are interested in bettering society for all of us. They are also gifted communicators. Aquarius season is about learning self-care and then passing those lessons onto other people for the benefit of the entire world.

What all of that boils down to is that Aquarius season is an excellent time to take really, really good care of yourself for the benefit of everyone around you. Engaging in deep levels of self-care will clean up your spiritual waters for Pisces season and stoke your internal fires for when Aries erupts into spring.

Aquarius is a visionary sign, less concerned with the constraints of the physical plane than they are with their new-age ideas. It makes sense that Aquarians are born during some of the harshest weeks of winter, when it becomes almost hard to believe that the sun will return to warm the sky. These are the weeks of deep freezes, when ice blankets the streets and the trees and harsh winds blast your face. Aquarius thrives during this season, because the still landscape outside gives them more time with their visions and thoughts.

Aquarius is also a solitary sign. Even though they love humanity, they often have difficulty understanding peoples' motivations and capacity for cruelty. Aquarius often wants to be deeply involved with people but isn't sure how, because they feel like they are on a completely different level. This is why Aquarius often feels more comfortable being on their own.

During Aquarius season, it's a good idea to withdraw from your ordinarily busy social life and take stock of your own mental and physical health. It's a good time to ask yourself whether you are fully committed to your own vitality and what you can do to take better care of yourself. Baths are recommended, as is the incorporation of meditations and healing mantras, as well as forms of energy release like yoga. All of these rituals will help you endure these last few weeks of winter and strengthen you to give it your all come spring.

In tarot, the card that rules Aquarius is the star card. Most commonly, the star card depicts a nymph-like creature bathing themselves in a pool surrounded by flowers. In some decks, this mystical creature's bath is accompanied by a fresh rain falling out of the sky.

Like the star card, Aquarius season reminds you that when everything else falls away, you are still left with yourself. You are your own best playmate, your own best helper, and the only committed partner to your own health and wellbeing. It's an ideal time to tend to your mind, body, and spirit and gain lasting coping mechanisms that you can share with your friends. That's the magic of Aquarius, and the true message of what this season is all about.

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