A New Mystery Showed Up On 'Riverdale' & It's The Darkest One Yet

by Dylan Kickham

Welp, someone else died on Riverdale, y'all. Can you believe it? Yeah, I'm betting that you can. But unlike in the past, this new murder really came out of nowhere. It's also a pretty huge head-scratcher for fans of the show, mostly because we don't even know who this dead dude is: he just randomly shows up at the end of the episode and next thing we know, he's dead. It may seem like there's not a lot to go on, but some clues may reveal who that mysterious dead man on Riverdale is and why he might have been at the Cooper house. Let's see what we can deduce. Spoiler alert: Don't read on if you haven't seen Riverdale Season 2 Episode 12 "The Wicked and the Divine" yet.

In the midst of a strangely Godfather-inspired episode about Archie joining the mafia and Jughead clearing his name after literally cutting a slice of flesh off a woman's arm (sidenote: what is this show?), somehow the dysfunctional-isn't-a-strong-enough-word Cooper family still managed to have the most insane storyline of the week. Now that the proverbial prodigal son has returned to the Cooper house, Chic is shaking up everyone in the family. He's convinced Betty to start webcamming and inadvertently pushed Hal out of the house due to Mr. Cooper's shockingly passionate hatred for Chic, but all of that takes a back seat to the mystery man that winds up dead on the Coopers' floor at the end of the new episode.

As Alice and Chic are sitting down to dinner, they hear someone knocking at the door. Now, Hal has moved out at this point and Betty is off hooking up with Jughead because they just solved a mystery together and I guess that's like an aphrodisiac for them, so it is just Alice and Chic right now. Alice answers the door to reveal this guy:


Some skeevy-looking, bleach-blonde, Spike-from-Buffy ripoff that we have never seen before. All we know about him is that he clearly knows Chic, and asks Alice if Chic is there. Before we get any more information about him, the show cuts away and the next time we see him he's dead. After she finishes revitalizing #Bughead, Betty returns home to find her mom cleaning up blood around a dead body on floor. Don't you hate it when you come home and your mom is scrubbing up after a fresh murder?

We only get to see this mystery man for a few seconds before he's a mystery corpse, so every fan is wondering what this guy's deal was. Of course, the most telling detail is that he was asking for Chic. Remember earlier in the episode when Chic warned Betty against telling the guys she's chatting with on webcam her address? Well, that might have been a well-placed clue about why this dude showed up at the Cooper house. He might be one of Chic's "clients" who somehow found out his address, and came to meet him IRL. Although, obviously there is a deeper layer as well that will have to explain why Chic or Alive killed him.

That's the other big question: who actually killed this guy? The prime suspects are clearly Chic and Alice, since they were the only two people home with him. Notably, Chic does not appear to be home when Betty returns to find Alice cleaning up the blood. To me, that makes him more suspicious: He could have killed the guy and then ran in fear, leaving Alice in shock to deal with the body. We've seen that Alice is pretty desperate to repair her relationship with Chic and we know that her past isn't as squeaky-clean as she leads people to believe, so it's not much of a stretch to think that she might jump to cover up her son's murder.

Obviously, we definitely don't have the full story about this dead guy yet. Hopefully next week will illuminate some things about him, and reveal more about Chic's mysterious past as well.