Wix’s Super Bowl Commerical Stars The Most Hilarious YouTube Stars

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In case you don't recall, had a pretty dope 2017 Super Bowl commercial. All you really need to know, though, is that that Gal Gadot had a totally badass fight scene in a restaurant. The bottom line is that it was absolutely #epic. And although they weren't initially planning on buying a spot on America's biggest advertising platform this year, Wix has come through in the last second with a totally sweet ad. So you might be wondering who's in Wix's 2018 Super Bowl commerical.Well, they didn't get the leading role inWonder Woman, but the celebs they snagged are pretty freaking awesome, and will def provide some dad laughs.

Though I wasn't able to find any previews for the ad before it airs on Feb. 4 during everyone's fave football game, here's what I do know, according to Ad Age: Wix was able to get YouTube stars Rhett McLaughlin and Link Neal to star in their 2018 Super Bowl ad. You might recognize McLaughlin and Neal from their popular morning show, "Good Mythical Mornin," and although viewers don't know the exact premise of their commercial, YT lovers already know it's gonna be really, really hilarious. It really could be almost as good as their ad from last year, because honestly, go ahead and name a better duo... I'll wait. And as the two of them say, "You can’t abuse your chicken power."

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Per Ad Age, Wix's Chief Marketing Officer, Omer Shai, was offered a really sweet deal for a spot on NBC during the Super Bowl, on Feb. 1, 2018... just three days before the Big Game. As Wix had planned on focusing mainly on digital advertising in the last year, they started moving away from TV advertising. For 2018, they literally had no plans to buy any TV ads at all.

The deal, however, according to Shai, was just too good to turn down. As the two famous YouTube celebs, per Ad Age, partnered with Wix back in October 2017, the main characters of their last-minute commercial weren't too hard to find, and, as they like to say, they "something that’ll wet (our) whistles." The finalized ad was created in just 19 hours, and it's set to air during the third quarter of the game. This will be the fourth year Wix has advertised in the Super Bowl, and based on last year's, we're pretty excited to see what they come up with.

In terms of other commercials that we're 100 perfect psyched to see live, Coca Cola is coming out with a series of commercials to advertise their rebranded cans, logo, and, most importantly, their new fruity and unique flavors. Embarking on Coke's rebranding train is Love's love interest and Community's sass master, Gillian Jacobs, who will be representing Coke's original flavor.


Each new individual flavor will then have their own individual spokespeople, with Broadway star Daniel Stewart (appropriately) promoting Ginger Lime, Hayley Magnus from The Wrong Girl is showcasing Zesty Blood Orange, comedian Ryan Goldsher repping Twisted Mango, and Karan Soni from Deadpool advertising Feisty Cherry.

Since there really are few better comedic duos than Rhett McLaughlin and Link Neal, I honestly can't wait to see what awesome awkward dad antics they'll be up to during the third quarter of the game. Because "from one daddy to another," there's no doubt in my mind that after hours and hours of football and screaming, I'll definitely be in need of a laugh, or three. And with so many awesome stars in all of the different Coke ads, there definitely won't be a dull moment among all of the highly-anticipated commercial breaks.

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