This New Coffee & Donut Ice Cream Is A Taste Of Breakfast For Dessert

Courtesy of Whole Foods

If starting your day with a socially-acceptable way to chow down on some ice cream sounds like the stuff of your dreams, listen up. In my honest opinion, there's nothing like waking up to some freshly brewed coffee interspersed with bites of a glazed doughnut (or three) — and now, you can say goodbye to your morning scaries for good, thanks to the fact that these two items now exist in pint form. I'd suggest updating your grocery shopping list now, because Whole Foods' Coffee and Donut Ice Cream sounds like the sweetest fix to all your breakfast cravings.

Now, it's no secret that the retail chain's 365 Everyday Value line has some pretty bomb ice cream flavors. In addition to unique varieties like Chocolate Valencia Orange and Toasted Coconut & Black Sesame, you can also nom on more familiar options with a twist like Peanut Butter Cup & Caramel, Cinnamon Graham Cracker, and Bananas Foster. There's literally something sweet for any preference waiting in the freezer aisle, and I like browsing the different options and trying out new pints.

So, when I found out that Whole Foods had added a breakfast-inspired addition to the mix, I was understandably stoked. In my honest opinion, coffee-flavored ice cream is the GOAT in the ice cream family, and I'm so here for the fact that a tasty update on my favorite offering is here just in time for patio season. Who needs an excuse to cool down in the sweetest way possible?

According to PopSugar, bloggers The Impulsive Buy and Snack Betch first shared the news of a Coffee & Donut Ice Cream from Whole Foods' 365 line. Considering that coffee can be a pretty dominant flavor, it looks like the scientists behind the new offering kept that in mind by making sure that the doughnut influences wouldn't take away from the coffee flavor and would instead complement the base.

Courtesy of Whole Foods

Per images of the packaging, it looks like you can expect to dig into a pint that features the smoky-sweet flavors of classic coffee ice cream intermixed with chunks of vanilla doughnut — and I'm already drooling, if I'm being completely honest. Again, the mouthwatering mash-up is currently available in Whole Food freezer aisles nationwide, so I'd grab your fellow coffee ice cream lovers and make sure to add this to your shopping list the next time you plan a groceries run.

Unfortunately, there's no telling if the Coffee & Donut Ice Cream is here to stick around, as Whole Foods did not immediately respond to an Elite Daily email inquiring about the longevity of the flavor. While none of the bloggers shared a price for pint, I'm guessing that it'll be retailing at around $3.99 like the other 365 Everyday Value ice cream flavors.

Questions aside, I'm always on the lookout for an excuse to eat dessert as early as possible in the day with minimum judgement/weird looks, and this Coffee & Donut Ice Cream pint looks like it's definitely got my back this summer. Happy munching!