Whole Foods Just Put The Entire Beauty Section On Sale & Naturally, It's Epic

When it comes to grocery shopping, I am a diehard Trader Joe’s fan. The store is affordable, consistently stocks great produce, and has a myriad of snacks that haunt my dreams. (If you haven’t had their milk chocolate-covered peanut butter pretzels, you haven’t lived.) But Whole Foods’ beauty sale is so epic, that I just might join in with the moms and dads of Brooklyn and pay the retailer a visit.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Whole Foods. But paying twice as much for food that I think is comparable to what other stores are carrying just isn’t something my wallet or common sense can handle. Granted, Trader Joe’s doesn’t have quite the same selection of nuts and dried fruits as Whole Foods, but I’m not a trail guide so it’s all good.

When it comes to clean beauty, however, there’s no question that Whole Foods’ product selection is incredibly comprehensive, perhaps even unrivaled. In order to be stocked at the store, products must pass a strict ingredient test — if any of them contain one of the 100-plus ingredients that the company deems threatening to your health (including phthalates, BHT, BHA, microbeads, sodium laureth sulfate, and aluminum-based ingredients, to name a few), it will not be carried.

As Whole Foods outlines on its website, "We carry the finest, high-quality beauty, hair and body care products available because we believe the quality of the items and ingredients you put on your body is as important as the foods and nutritional supplements you put in your body. We evaluate the quality of personal care products in terms of ingredients, experience, and efficacy."

Yes, clean beauty products are more expensive by nature, and while you can’t put a price on your health, stocking your bathroom full of them isn’t always an option. But thanks to Whole Foods’ fourth annual beauty week, which runs through March 27, it might become one.

All makeup, facial care, hair care, nail polish, and makeup brushes are 25 percent off, so if there’s something you’ve been eyeing — maybe an essential oil or a new facial serum — now’s the time to snag it. The store carries hundreds of brands in addition to its own private label brands, so I guarantee you'll find something that'll catch your eye. On my list is a jar of Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay (the acne-fighting mask that Lili Reinhart swears by), Heritage Store Rosewater (I use it as a toner), and a jasmine essential oil (my friend dabs some on her wrists every day in the place of perfume and it's intoxicating).


As if the sale wasn't good enough, on Friday, March 23, the store will be offering a special one-day only deal: a limited-edition Piece & Co. beauty bag made by artisans in developing countries, which will be filled with $100 worth of beauty products. Among the brands included will be Alba, Dr. Hauschka, Evanhealy, Mineral Fusion, Trilogy, Burt's Bees, Weleda, and more. The entire thing will only cost you $20, essentially meaning you're getting an 80 percent discount. The takeaway? Shop the sale on Friday, but do it early so you can grab a bag, too.

Whole Foods

Although my makeup bag and shower are currently stocked with products that certainly wouldn't pass Whole Foods' test, this sale is giving me even more reason to change that. My sister has told me time and time again how dangerous certain beauty products can be and I'm making it a personal goal to cut them out as much as possible. Our skin is our largest organ, so why do we cover it in harmful chemicals that we wouldn't dream of eating? Whole Foods, I'm coming for you.