Here’s Everyone Who Was Sent Packing After ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Week 1

ABC/John Fleenor

Season 6 of Bachelor in Paradise has only just begun, but already this season is filled with enough love triangles to provide drama for the entire season. Most of that drama so far has surrounded Blake Horstmann and his relationships with multiple women, but some of the other romances are already heating up too. With so much going on, not everyone can stay in Paradise, and so some people were sent packing at the start of the Aug. 12 episode. Who went home after Bachelor in Paradise Week 1? Three women left without rings on their fingers.

For the first week of Bachelor in Paradise, the men got to hand out roses to the women, getting a lot of the power because of that. The sense that the men were running the show may have also been in part thanks to Blake and his wildly intense history with numerous women in Mexico this season. Much of the contestants' time during the first week was spent trying to figure out Blake's intentions and how his past has played into his decisions. Blake spent a lot of his time flirting with Hannah Godwin, but then he asked Tayshia Adams out when he received the first date card. That was all further complicated by the fact that he had been flirting with both of them before Bachelor in Paradise, while also seeing both Caelynn Miller-Keyes and Kristina Schulman.

Whew, did you get all that? The bottom line is that Blake is connected with a lot of women this season, and Caelynn has not been happy about it. "He treats women like scum," she said.

But Blake wasn't the only one stirring up drama during the first week of Bachelor in Paradise. Annaliese Puccini also brought some heat, but she seemed more concerned with someone else's love life than her own. Clay Harbor used to date Annaliese's friend Angela Amezcua, and Anneliese didn't think it was right for Clay to be dating new people on Bachelor in Paradise. She told him how she felt, but Clay continued to go on his one-on-one date with Nicole Lopez-Alvar anyway.

"If I were Annaliese I would be focused on making a connection with someone instead of what I'm doing," Clay told cameras.

Meanwhile, Bibiana Julian lost her chance with Clay after he chose Nicole over her. She said she felt like she wasn't "vibing" with anyone and it made her feel like she wasn't enough. And then Jane Aver tried to woo John Paul Jones with tacos, but it turned out way less romantic than intended when JPJ then puked in the ocean. Things really weren't looking good for either of them.

Annaliese made one last-minute effort to get a rose by telling Chris she was into him. However, it wasn't enough for to keep her spot on Bachelor in Paradise.

In the end, Bibiana, Annaliese, and Jane didn't find anyone to pair up with, and they were sent home. Hopefully Jane got her fill of tacos and hot sauce before she had to leave Mexico.

Season 6 of Bachelor in Paradise continues Tuesday, Aug. 13, at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.