Here's Everything You Need To Know About Dylan Barbour On 'Bachelor In Paradise'


Between Luke Parker's antics and Jed Wyatt's constant serenades, Season 15 of The Bachelorette didn't have much room to include the more harmless actions of other contestants. As a result, fans barely got to know a few of Hannah Brown's former contestants. Luckily, the new season of Bachelor in Paradise will hopefully change that, and some viewers have already picked an early favorite. So, who is Dylan Barbour on Bachelor in Paradise? The tech entrepreneur has won over Bachelor Nation with his social media presence.

While he didn't say much on The Bachelorette, Dylan lasted on Hannah's journey to love until the group's week in Riga, Latvia. In case the name still doesn't ring a bell, do the words "salmon jacket" mean anything to you? Throughout the season, fans on Twitter couldn't help but notice many of the men, including Dylan, frequently wore salmon-colored blazers to rose ceremonies. Hannah has since explained there were two pink blazers the men passed around, and one of them belonged to Dylan. As it's a little hot in Paradise for jackets, in what other ways has Dylan won over fans?

The San Diego native has entertained viewers with his humorous live-tweeting of The Bachelorette, and he's also used his platform to post plenty of support for the possibility of contestant Mike Johnson as the Bachelor. Despite being announced as an original Paradise cast member, Dylan also began a recurring joke that he wasn't actually going to be on the show since he wasn't appearing in the promos. I mean, to be fair, it's always the most normal contestants who receive minimal screen time, but fans are hoping Paradise will be Dylan's time to shine.


Only 24 years old while on The Bachelorette, Dylan co-founded a charitable fitness company with his cousin. According to his ABC bio, Dylan's start-up Vizer "allows people to work out while donating food to those in need." He also filmed a Bachelorette intro package explaining his company and how his dad recently died, but the scene never aired. "I totally believe that true love exists," he said in the clip, now available to watch on YouTube.

Based on the facts in his bio, Dylan should adjust smoothly to life on the Paradise beach. He enjoys driving his boat and scuba diving, which is a combo that sounds destined to be a dreamy Paradise date. As Dylan likes to point out, his appearances in the Paradise promos are slim, but the Season 6 trailer does include a brief shot of him kissing Bachelor favorite Hannah Godwin. In a post-"Men Tell All" interview, he even indirectly hinted this moment is worth noticing. He told Entertainment Tonight, "Hannah G. is unbelievable. She's obviously just beautiful ... I'm excited for everyone to see what Hannah G. is like."

His relationship with Hannah B. wasn't meant to be, but if that quick tease is anything to go by, love within the Bachelor franchise may still be in the cards for Dylan. Here's hoping Bachelor Nation falls even harder for him after his time on Paradise.

Season 6 of Bachelor in Paradise premieres at 8 p.m. ET on Monday, Aug. 5, on ABC.