Fans Are All Asking This 1 Question About Blake's ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Drama

ABC/John Fleenor

Bachelor in Paradise is back, and it's bringing all the steamy summer drama right away. Every season of the show is exciting because it offers contestants the chance to date freely among an entire group of former Bachelor Nation hopefuls. And one contestant in particular is already taking advantage of that. Get ready, because Blake Hortsmann is dating a whole bunch of the women on this season of Bachelor in Paradise. Just after night one, Blake has already found himself in a "love decagon." But does that mean Blake gets engaged on Bachelor in Paradise Season 6? With so many relationships in the works, he might have some luck finding the one.

Fans will remember Blake from Becca's season of The Bachelorette. He was her runner-up and was completely ready to get engaged to her at the end. But after Becca broke his heart, he joined this season of Bachelor in Paradise to give romance another shot. At the beginning of the premiere episode, Blake said he's ready to find love and that the "key is to be open and honest and [to] communicate." However, based on a lot of the women's experiences with him, he might not be as honest with them as he says.

Blake started this season of Bachelor in Paradise by flirting with Hannah. But as soon as Caelynn arrived, she revealed she has a history with Blake. Caelynn told Chris Harrison that in between her time on Colton's season of The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise, she and Blake dated. But he "played her," and he was clearly uncomfortable seeing her when she made her entrance.

A lot of the women seemed interested in Blake right off the bat, but Caelynn claimed they don't know who he really is. Her negative feelings about him only intensified when he received the first date card.

Everyone started guessing who Blake would give his date card to. Most people thought he would choose Hannah, since they hit it off right away at the start of the episode. But Blake surprised everyone by choosing Tayshia for his first date.

Hannah was hurt by the fact Blake didn't choose her, but that didn't take away from Tayshia and Blake's magical night. During their dreamy date, the two bonded over their desire to open up and find their "person."

After Blake didn't pick Hannah for the date, Katie encouraged her to explore her options. She ended up having a romantic night with Dylan. Blake might have lost his chances with Hannah, so an engagement between them is looking less likely now... but you never know in paradise.

Things got even rockier for Blake when Kristina (another one of his Bachelor Nation exes) showed up on Day Two. He said he was happy to see her, but his demeanor did not match that sentiment. Kristina asked Blake on a date, and it's unclear whether or not they'll rekindle their romance. There could be an engagement in their future, or Blake could end up with his heart broken.

The two-night premiere of Bachelor in Paradise continues on Tuesday, Aug. 6, at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.