Rahim in 'Sex Education' Season 2 is a new character who shakes Moordale up.

Here's Everything You Need To Know About 'Sex Education' Newcomer Sami Outalbali

by Dylan Kickham

The new season of Sex Education brought in a handful of new characters to shake things up at Moordale Secondary School, and nobody had the school (and fans) talking more than Rahim. The mysterious transfer student from France immediately made a huge impression without even saying a word, and as the season progressed, his impact only became more evident. While devouring all the new episodes of the British comedy series, viewers will likely wonder who plays Rahim on Sex Education Season 2. You might not have known about actor Sami Outalbali before, but that's all about to change.

Since Outalbali had only ever acted in movies and TV series within his native France up until landing his role on Sex Education, the Netflix series will likely serve as his introduction to most non-French fans. The actor and model began his on-screen career in the French comedy The Tuche Family, and has gone on to consistently appear in French TV shows and movies in the following years. Immediately before the release of Sex Education Season 2, Outalbali starred in another teen Netflix series that was released on the streamer's French site, called Mortel. That show centered on two friends who gain supernatural abilities from a voodoo god in order to help solve the apparent murder of one of the teen's older brother, played by Outalbali.

Because of Outalbali's history in French films and television, the English series Sex Education was definitely a major step for him, and he completely crushed it in the pivotal Season 2 role of Rahim.

Spoiler alert: This post contains spoilers for Sex Education Season 2. Rahim was a total mystery when he was first introduced in the Season 2 premiere. Although he immediately caught the eyes of everyone at Moordale, the new kid rarely ever said a word. Soon, though, it became clear Rahim had a crush on Eric, and while their first few dates may have been a bit awkward given Rahim's intensity, they quickly made for a seemingly perfect couple.

Rahim's other standout quality was his surprisingly unshakeable confidence and bluntness in speaking about sex. He was unafraid to ask a very frank question about anal sex in the sex education class, and even gave Otis and Eric a very thorough walkthrough about douching.

However, things did not really end well for Rahim. At the end of Season 2, Eric's feelings for Adam proved to be stronger than his feelings for Rahim. When Adam proclaimed his love for Eric onstage at the school musical, Eric grabbed his hand to reciprocate, causing Rahim to run out of the theater. The season ended with Rahim crying outside the school after being dumped, with Eric unable to comfort him.

Since Netflix has not yet announced a third season for Sex Education, it's unclear what could be next for Rahim, but if Season 3 does happen, there's a chance Rahim may try to win Eric back... or possibly make him jealous. He is still kind of a wildcard after all.