Refresh Your Memory On This Major 'Jessica Jones' Antagonist Before Season 2


Jessica Jones is coming back to the small screen, streaming on Netflix in March 2018. Characters who are confirmed to be returning with her include Trish Walker, her beloved adopted sister; Malcolm Ducasse, her assistant at Alias Investigations; and Jeri Hogarth, the lawyer who hires her to turn up dirt to help her win divorce cases. Also confirmed to be making a cameo: David Tennant as Kilgrave, who will be appearing in one episode. But will anyone else from last season reappear, like say, Will Simpson? Who is Will Simpson? And why might he reappear when others would not?

While their relationship is seriously screwed up, Jessica and Kilgrave were a couple at one time, though it wasn't Jessica's choice. Since Jessica's ex-boyfriend from last season is confirmed to turn up, why shouldn't the screwed up and creepy ex of her adopted sister Trish show up too?

Because that's who Will is — he was the man Trish had a short and ill-fated relationship with last season. And unlike Kilgrave, who was most definitely dead at the end of Season 1, Will Simpson is — as far as we know — alive. We're just not sure where, or what kind of shape he's in.


Will Simpson was an NYC police officer. Trish, as fans know, is a radio personality and former child star celebrity. They didn't meet cute on the street corner, or in a coffee shop, nor did they find each other on dating websites like normal people do nowadays. They met when he walked up to her apartment door, conned her into opening it, kicked his way in, and tried to kill her.

That doesn't sound like a promising start to their relationship, does it? But it wasn't technically Will's fault. It was Kilgrave who took over Will's mind and convinced him to go do this, both as a warning to Trish to not trash his name on-air and to get Jessica Jones' attention. It certainly got Jones' attention. She stopped Will from killing her sister, but only by fooling him into believing his mission was accomplished.

When the mind control wore off, he returned in a panic, believing Trish to be dead, and was shocked when he discovered she wasn't. Jones used his guilt to get him to help her access CCTV footage from around the city to help solve who Kilgrave had stalking her.


Inviting Simpson back into their lives was the wrong move. The next thing Jessica knows, he and Trish are dating, and he's doing everything he can to try and "protect" Jessica when she's the one with superpowers and he isn't. What Jessica didn't know is that, long before Kilgrave ever laid eyes on Simpson, he had been a voluntary subject of clinical trials for drugs that basically turn one into a superhero.

Simpson might have kept it hidden, but he was not so smart about it. He first attempted to kill Kilgrave with a bomb, but Kilgrave just turned the bomb back on him, sending Simpson to the hospital, where his miraculous recovery, aided by Dr. Kozlov of IGH, tipped Jessica and Trish off that something was awry. Simpson began binging on the pills (which he called "Combat Enhancers") and went after Kilgrave once more.

Simpson failed, but his rage stroke from the meds when he returned and tried to take Jessica out freaked Trish out once and for all. She decided to break up with him, and then the two women defeated him by crushing him under a refrigerator.


They left his body, believing him dead, but our final scene suggested he wasn't. Kozlov arrived with guards to collect Simpson, lest he, his medicated abilities, and the details of the drugs he was taking, get out.

Will that be the last we see of Simpson? Or will he return in Jessica Jones Season 2? We'll find out when all thirteen of the episodes arrive on Thursday, March 8, 2018.