Here's Everything Bachelor Nation Needs To Know About Tyler C.


Hannah Brown's season of The Bachelorette is off to an eventful start. Her men have taken her wish for someone bold to a new extreme, but contestants such as Luke P. and Cam have stepped on others' toes with their "bold" actions. Cam even crashed a group date to prove to Hannah that she was on his mind, but the real MVP of that moment was Tyler C. and his decision to coolly confront Cam while the latter was being interviewed. Who is Tyler C. at The Bachelorette? The handsome general contractor won over fans on Twitter for his solid devotion to Hannah on Episode 2.

In May 13's Season 15 premiere, 26-year-old Tyler stood out for introducing himself in a package as a dancing contractor. Embracing his inner shirtless Kevin Bacon, he leaped across the floor of a half-built house, telling cameras he had been just a few classes away from picking up a dance minor in college. Although he made a strong first impression on viewers, Tyler C. was one of the men whose Night One time with Hannah was nonexistent because of drama surrounding a contestant with a girlfriend. Because of this, Tyler was determined to spend some more time with Hannah during Week 2.

Still waiting on his private time with the Bachelorette, Tyler stepped up when Cam crashed the group date he was on in May 20's episode. After giving Hannah flowers, Cam was giving an interview outside when Tyler snuck up behind him, telling him, "The guys are a little beside themselves. We’re all fighting for time."

This inspired two other guys to also confront Cam about stealing Hannah's attention, but Tyler making the first move stuck out to fans. Viewers took to Twitter to share love for the Florida native.

So, besides dancing on the clock, what does Tyler do in the real world? His ABC bio reads:

Don't let Tyler C.'s good looks fool you. This stud has his MBA from Florida Atlantic University and kills it as a general contractor in his hometown of Jupiter, Florida. When he's not working, he's spending time with his family, scuba diving and hanging out with his rescue dog, Harley. Tyler's only been in one serious relationship but says he will know when he meets the right one because that love will "smack him right in the face."

Like former Bachelor Colton Underwood, Tyler once played football and was even drafted by the Baltimore Ravens. According to his bio, a shoulder injury prevented his NFL career from taking off, but in addition to working as a contractor, Tyler models. His Instagram page features many of these professional shots, but since The Bachelorette premiered, Tyler has used the account to poke fun at the way he came across in Episode 1. Alongside a pic of his first meeting with Hannah, he joked, "I promise I’ll open my eyes and say more than eight words next week."

Well, he was certainly right about that. Bachelor Nation will have to wait and see if he continues to bond with Hannah, but if not, Bachelor in Paradise could use a dancing machine.

Season 15 of The Bachelorette continues at 8 p.m. ET on Monday, May 27, on ABC.