Here's Everything To Know About Tony Lopez, 1 Of TikTok's Top Dancers


While TikTok users know Tony Lopez for his talents on social media, there is more to him than just his dance skills. The Las Vegas native found fame in late 2019 when he became a member of The Hype House collective. But you may not have known that, before Lopez was TikTok famous, he was just a regular boy with dreams of becoming a famous entertainer. Now that Lopez has 2.7 million followers on Instagram and 8 million on TikTok, you might want to know a little more about him, so here's what to know about TikTok star Tony Lopez.

Tony was born on August 19, 1999, and isn't the only talented one in his family. Tony and his brother, Ondreaz Lopez, began performing as "The Lopez Brothers" in high school. The two continued their entertainment journey after graduation and are now internet sensations. Tony and Ondreaz's "Lopez Brothers" YouTube page currently has 645,000 subscribers.

The Lopez Brothers seem super thankful to their high school where they first got exposure. They returned to the school in December 2019 to perform.

"Such an unexplainable feeling to witness our own growth in the same gym we used to perform at," Tony captioned a video of their performance.

The siblings don't just use their dance skills for more followers. They also teach classes IRL. Tony and Ondreaz hosted an August 2019 Recess Dance Class workshop in Las Vegas where they were born and raised.

While Tony's rising TikTok celeb status has helped him in so many ways, fame's affects haven't been all good. In February 2020, someone leaked Tony's private photos on the internet. Tony addressed the issue in a YouTube video, revealing he had sent the NSFW pics via Instagram and Snapchat six months before they were leaked in February 2020. Tony explained that after he sent the photos, he realized the "person" he was interacting with was actually a bot account.

He also lightheartedly addressed the situation on Instagram with a phrase that read "Stop looking at my d*ck" over his crotch.

Members of The Hype House, including Mattia Polibio, Charli D'Amelio, and Chase Hudson, shared their support for Tony in the comments section.

Ondreaz also spoke out, tweeting:

I’d like everyone to know that even though we [are] taking this whole situation as easy and light as possible, leaking or exposing anyone’s privacy is beyond terrible and even illegal. Also, some of these individuals who’ve been exposed did such things LONG ago (making them minors).

Despite dealing with adult situations like the above, Tony seems to still be a kid at heart. According to his Instagram page, he's a huge fan of Disney. "Had so many to post so here’s 5 of em," Tony captioned a series of IG pics from the theme park in December 2019.

Around the same time, he also sported a Mickey Mouse sweatshirt and matching plaid pants.

Which leads me to my next fact: Tony is also very fashionable.

And he loves bags of all types and sizes.

Tony often tweets short, but motivational, messages to his followers, and stands against bullying.

"If you are being bullied or feel like people are a against you or have power over you, Remeber that it’s a reflection of them self," Tony tweeted on Feb. 15. "You are worth more."

And with that, I'll leave this video right here for those who aren't yet convinced Tony is amazingly talented.